Become a Medical Lab Technician

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5 Reasons to Become a Medical Laboratory Tech

Although some individuals want to become nurses or physicians, these career paths aren’t the best choice for everyone. If you’re looking for a rewarding healthcare career that doesn’t require hands-on patient care, becoming a medical lab technician might be a great option for you.

What Is a Medical Lab Technician?

A medical lab technician analyzes bodily fluids and tissues for proper diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. For example, a medical lab tech might look at tissue under a microscope to spot cancer cells or other abnormalities. They might also ensure blood types match prior to transfusions or test urine samples for drugs.

5 Reasons to Become a Medical Lab Technician

A career as a medical lab technician has many unique benefits. Here are five reasons why a medical lab technology career might be a great choice for you.

1. Workplace Flexibility

Medical lab techs work in a wide range of facilities, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories and more. You have the option to work in a setting you enjoy most. Depending on the organization you choose, you may be able to select a schedule that fits your needs, working days, nights or even weekends.

2. “Behind-the-Scenes” Work

Not every healthcare career requires direct patient care. Although they support medical professionals, medical lab techs complete their work behind-the-scenes. In fact, you may not come into contact with patients at all.

3. Cross Between Science, Tech and Healthcare

Medical lab technicians use high tech equipment daily to test samples of the human body for diagnosis. For individuals who love science, technology and healthcare, a medical lab tech career is a perfect mix of all three fields.

4. Fast Entry Into the Workforce

Entering the workforce as a medical lab technician is pretty quick. Through our Medical Laboratory Technician program, you can be ready for employment in as little as two years.

5. Employment Growth

Medical lab tech careers are thriving across the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of these technicians is projected to grow by 11% between now and 2028, much faster than average. This demand makes finding the perfect job easier for you.

Get Started Towards Your Medical Lab Tech Career With Cambridge

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