Online Health Information Management Degree

Can I Earn My Bachelors of Health Information Management Degree Online?

A Health Information Management (HIM) degree is an academic program that educates learners on the acquisition, assessment, and protection of digital and traditional medical information to support a healthcare’s ability to provide quality patient care. This course combines various disciplines, including science, business, and information technology, thus preparing you for different health-related careers.

As a Health Information Manager, you will be required to organize, oversee, and protect the confidentiality of patient health data, including their profiles, symptoms, diagnoses, medical histories, test results, billing, and any other health procedures. Therefore, you play a huge role as the caretaker of this information while facilitating future medical care.

How Can I Earn My Bachelors Online?

You can earn a Health Information Management degree online by enrolling in Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology. Our online curriculum covers everything from an introduction to health science to revenue cycle management for HIM professionals.

During your time at Cambridge, you will dive deep into health technology that will assist you in various aspects of your career. Aside from the benefit of being able to learn from the comfort of your own home, you will save money by not living on campus and online classes cost less per credit hour than traditional in-classroom classes.

What Do I Need for an HIM online program?

To get started on your Health Information Management program, you will have to complete the following requirements:

Where Should You Go?

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology gives you the ability to learn at a reasonable pace without physical engagement. Our faculty experts help you arrive at the best education plans that align with your career goals; they help you understand the specific program requirements and career outlook of your field of interest.

If you’re new to the bachelor’s program, it will take you approximately three years to complete this degree. Along the way, you will have help and support whenever you may need it.

Cambridge believes that every student should have the opportunity to further their education and career opportunities. We have financial aid for those who qualify.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected]; the Financial Aid Office at Cambridge is available to help you and your family through the financial aid process.

At Cambridge, we’re leading the way in educating the next generation of medical and IT related professionals.