Jobs in Health Information Management

The health industry has many moving parts held together by the Health Information Management. In most parts of the world, Health Information Management teams keep each patient’s information safe and organized for easy access.

So, what do you need to do to join the vital Health Information Management teams that support the healthcare industry and keep it running like a well-oiled machine? In this article, we will answer just that.

Who Is a Health Information Manager?

Health Information Managers (HIM) are medical industry professionals responsible for organizing, overseeing, and protecting patient health information data. This information includes recorded symptoms, diagnoses, medical histories, test results, and procedures. As expected, some hospitals or facilities may store their patient files digitally or the traditional way, on paper. It is the job of the HIM to ensure all files remain accurate and in good quality. 

Should any authorized personnel want access to the patient data, it is the role of the health information manager to retrieve the files while maintaining file security and safety. Health Information Managers are trained in information technology applications. They often serve in bridge roles connecting the clinical, operational, and administrative functions.

Why Become a Health Information Manager?

Health Information Management duties may vary depending on the specific organization you sign up to work for. There is a suitable position to match each professional’s unique dispositions.

The average health information manager works in an office working from a computer. Generally, in this role, a HIM would receive full-time hours and benefits.

Simply put, Health Information Management job titles will only keep growing, and so will the opportunities to grow in the career. In addition, your job will not be physically demanding either.

How to Become a Registered Health Information Manager

Different Health Information Management roles require diverse qualifications. Some roles require you to have a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management, while others require an associate degree or alternative certification. 

Career Outlook for Health Information Managers

If anyone asks you, “What can you do with a Health Information Management degree,” the first answer is you can get job security and exponential potential for career growth. You can expect jobs in the Health Information Management field to be entry-level and readily available.

Three HIM Jobs You May Find Interesting

•            Patient Information Coordinator

A patient information coordinator is tasked with educating the patient about their care. They work with staff members to create new policies for better patient health management.

•            Health information technician

This professional keeps patient records confidential to comply with the privacy laws that govern the health industry record system.  

•            Insurance claims analyst

An insurance claims analyst is responsible for reviewing insurance claims and verifying their accuracy. They are also tasked with updating client data for completed claims and ensuring that payments are made without glitches. 

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