Is Health Information Technology a Good Career Choice

Is Health Information Technology a Good Career Choice?

Health information technology or health IT is a vast field. Health IT refers to the electronic systems healthcare professionals and patients use to store and analyze health information. Examples of these systems include electronic patient records and electronic prescription systems.

Virtually every healthcare organization out there uses electronic systems in some shape or form. This means they require health information technicians to ensure they’re used safely and properly. Health IT is a great career choice for those interested in technology and healthcare.

The Job Outlook for Health Information Technicians

More and more healthcare facilities are looking for health IT professionals to round out their teams. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health information technician careers are expected to grow by 8%, much faster than average, between now and 2029.

The average salary for a health information technician is $42,630 per year or $20.50 per hour. Not only is the health information technology career rewarding, but it’s also in high demand. This means there are fewer barriers to entry into the field.

What Does a Health Information Technician Do?

As a health information technician, you’ll ensure patient records are accurate for the continuance of quality care. This means you’ll spend your time organizing patient data, tracking patient outcomes, recording data and maintaining the confidentiality of patient records.

In your day-to-day, you’ll get to work alongside nurses and physicians, ensuring diagnoses and treatments are accurately recorded. Although you won’t provide direct patient care, you’ll be a critical part of a patient’s care team.

Where Can You Work in Health Information Technology?

Health information technicians often work wherever patient care takes place. For example, you can work inside hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities and therapy centers. You may also be able to work for health insurance companies and other businesses that work with healthcare facilities.

Cambridge’s Health Information Technology Program

To become a health information technician, you’ll need to complete a Health Information Technology program such as the one offered through Cambridge. During this program, you’ll learn everything you need for career success, including how to maintain patient records, medical terminology, ICD-10 coding best practices and patient confidentiality.

Start Your Career in Health Information Technology With Cambridge

Ready to become a health information technician? Our Health Information Technology program is a great next step. To learn more about the program or to get started today, give our team a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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