Careers in Health Information Technology

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What are Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Management (HIM)?

Do you have a knack for information tech and computing, but you’d like to express your passionate and caring nature for the sick and disabled? Worry not! A career in this field is your perfect choice to meet your career goals. 

Health Information Technology (HIT) denotes the integrated use of computerized systems to manage health sector information. Examples of HIT in primary care include electronic prescription systems, clinical decision support systems, telehealth, disease registries, and electronic medical record systems (PHRs, EHRs, & EMRs).

On the other hand, Health Information Management refers to a career and field of practice where professionals use computerized HIT systems to collect, store, analyze, and transmit people’s health information records used in providing health care services. HIT and HIM systems help provide solutions to problems such as missing prescription paperwork or information on immunization records. 

What are the functions of Health Information Technology?

Health Information Technology contains clients’ electronic health records (EHRs) in private specialized software that is only accessible to those permitted. In this position, professionals must be able to translate medical information into coding.

With proper HIM and HIT systems, the healthcare sector is capable of accomplishing the following functions:

Is Health Information Technology a good career?

Health Information Technology careers focus on how health-related information gets used in the healthcare sector. The interdisciplinary career in Health Information Technology blends knowledge in healthcare with technology and communication. The ever-increasing healthcare information and people or groups of patients with healthcare insurance have necessitated using a robust digitized electronic system to organize and use such data.

The federal mandate that has required the use and transition to electronic health care records has created more lucrative and well-paying jobs for Health Information Technology specialists. These HIT systems improve efficiency in healthcare. Some of the promising Health Information Technology occupations include jobs in the following posts or designations.

Besides providing many jobs, careers in Health Information Technology presents a rich work experience because specialists in this profile interact with many health care professionals, including nurses, IT technicians, insurance professionals, pharmacists, and physicians. HIT professionals are valued contributors to this network of health sector professionals. 

Serving in such Health Information Technology occupations also help HIT professionals to develop a wealth of talent in skills, including data analytics, programming, health data systems knowledge, problem-solving skills, and collaboration and communication skills. 

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