Healthcare Job Opportunities for Graduating Data & Project Management Students

Fast advancements in healthcare technology require the use of vast amounts of data. Due to the increase in technology and data, organizations are searching for data and project management specialists to fill various roles.

The Need for Data & Project Management Is Increasing in Healthcare

According to Stanford Medicine, by the end of this year, thehealthcare industryis expected to generate 2,314 exabytes of medical data. For reference, one exabyte is equal to one billion gigabytes. The sheer amount of data requires specialists dedicated to gathering, analyzing and managing healthcare data to uncover growth opportunities and improve efficiency.

These advancements in technology and healthcare protocol also require project managers to oversee improvement projects inside hospitals, clinics and more.

Healthcare Job Opportunities for Diploma Students

You can take advantage of the tech boom by obtaining a certificate in data and project management through Cambridge. Once you complete your program, you’ll be eligible for entry-level employment in a variety of positions.

Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for managing projects within a healthcare setting such as a clinic or hospital. They typically plan what needs to be done, define and prevent the risks associated with a project and ensure work is completed on time. They’re also responsible for motivating their team and being quick to flex projects when changes occur.

Data Scientist

Data scientists define critical goals within their organization and determine how data can be used to achieve them. Once defined, they gather, analyze and model data, sharing insights with stakeholders. As a result, the healthcare organization can make smart decisions involving business, customer service, technology and more.

Data Mining Analyst

Data mining analysts spend their days mining critical data and performing analysis to share with data scientists and business stakeholders. They’re hands-on, creating algorithms and predictive models, producing data presentations and updating databases.

Healthcare Job Opportunities for Associate Degree Students

Cambridge also offers a complete Associate degree program for students wanting to take their careers even further. After completing this program, you’ll have the opportunity for employment in additional positions.

Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for ensuring databases run correctly. They also ensure data remains secure and available for stakeholders at all times. Each day, they may need to restore lost data, allow new users into the database, perform database maintenance and more.

Corporate Project Manager

General project managers might manage projects within a single location. In contrast, a corporate project manager will manage all projects within a healthcare organization. They manage multiple projects at once and may even oversee a team of project managers, depending on the size of the organization.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality assurance specialists monitor and examine healthcare processes to ensure quality patient care. For example, they may perform healthcare audits on various facilities or revise patient care processes. Since their work hinges on the process, understanding project management is a must.

Learn More About Our Data & Project Management Program

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