What Are the High-Demand Careers in Orlando?

What Are the High-Demand Careers in Orlando?

Whether you want to start a new career in healthcare or technology, Orlando might be a great place for you. There are plenty of high-demand jobs in Orlando, from nursing to imaging and beyond. Plus, Cambridge offers a degree program to get you there.

High-Demand Careers in Florida

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity offers insights into some of the most needed careers throughout the entire state of Florida. A few of these high-demand careers include:

  • Database Administrator: Data is critical for organizations in all industries. Administrators work to gather and analyze that data to help make business decisions and move businesses forward.
  • Phlebotomist:  Phlebotomists or lab technicians draw blood and collect other bodily fluids to help physicians diagnose medical conditions and diseases.
  • Radiologic Technologist: Also known as x-ray technicians, radiologic technologists conduct x-ray testing to identify broken bones and illnesses.

Nursing Is a Leading Career Throughout Orlando

Orlando specifically is currently seeing an increase in the demand for those in nursing. Employ Florida’s newest data shows that RNs and CNAs are included on the list of careers with the most job openings in Orange County.

RNs support other medical professionals in patient care. They’re often responsible for taking vitals, moving patients, delivering medications, starting IVs, administering injections, performing minor surgical procedures and other critical care tasks. Our LPN program can help prepare you for the next step required to become an RN. 

The data also shows that nursing assistants or CNAs are also one of the most coveted individuals in Orange County. Nursing assistants support nurses by charting vitals, helping patients with eating and toileting and also providing basic care support.

How Can Cambridge Help You Obtain a High-Demand Career?

Cambridge offers various degree and certificate programs to help you obtain the skills and knowledge required to be successful in your chosen career. Our current degree programs in Orlando include:

Cambridge also offers the following programs completely online for:

Start Your New Career in Orlando With Cambridge

Your new career in healthcare or technology is right around the corner with Cambridge. We offer plenty of degree programs to choose from that will fit your needs and aspirations. To learn more about our programs or to apply today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.