4-Year College Alternatives for Those Wanting to Work in Cyber/IT

4 Year College Alternatives to Get a Cyber or IT Career

Many students think they only have one path when it comes to attending college. They believe you must go the traditional route, attending a 4-year university before starting your career. Although different paths are best for different students, certification programs and Associate programs are great alternatives to a 4-year degree.

4-Year College Alternative: Cyber/IT Certifications & Associate Programs

Certification programs offer a ton of benefits when compared to 4-year degrees. First, certifications can be completed in under a year. This means you’ll be able to enter the cyber/IT workforce much faster. Other benefits include:

  • Focused study: Because you must learn what you need for success in a short amount of time, the courses in a certification program are focused. You’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Cost savings: You won’t need to commute to class or try to find an apartment or secure a dorm on campus. Plus, many certifications allow you to purchase digital textbooks which often cost less than physical textbooks.
  • Flexibility:An online certification program allows you to learn anywhere you can take your laptop. Plus, you can learn at your own pace. For example, if you must work during the day, you can choose to do your schoolwork at night.

Associate programs enable you to get started in IT within two years. These programs help you build a solid foundation in IT while still requiring less time than a 4-year degree. Our Associate programs provide hybrid learning—a mix of classroom and online instruction to give you the flexibility you need. 

About Cambridge’s Certification & Associate Degree Programs

Cambridge offers three unique online certification and Associate degree programs for students interested in joining the world of IT. 

Computer Networking

Want to help organizations troubleshoot and configure their critical network systems? Cambridge offers a Computer Networking program for those interested in becoming networkers. You’ll learn the fundamentals of installing networks and working with technology such as printers, cabling, hardware and software. Plus, you’ll be eligible for additional certifications such as CompTIA A+.

Cyber and Network Security

Our Cyber and Network Security program prepares you to partner with organizations to protect their critical computer systems and networks. You’ll play an important role in mitigating security risks and fighting against cyber-attacks.

Data and Project Management

The Data and Project Management program gives you the knowledge required to analyze and visualize data and manage detailed projects on behalf of businesses and other organizations. When you complete your program, you’ll be ready for entry-level employment in data science or project management.

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