Careers in Radiologic Technology

Reasons to Become a Radiation Therapist

While doctors and nurses are absolutely critical to the medical industry, other positions are just as important. For example, radiologic technologists (R.T.) work to help physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions and injuries.

Are you interested in radiologic technology? If so, there are plenty of career opportunities in Miami you can choose from within the radiology niche. You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

What Is Radiologic Technology?

Radiologic technology is the practice of performing diagnostic imaging such as CT, MRI or x-ray. These images of the body are then analyzed to look for abnormalities that may lead to diagnoses of medical conditions, diseases or injuries. For example, a CT may lead to the discovery of cancer. Or, an x-ray may show a broken bone.

6 Unique Career Paths in Radiologic Tech

1. CT Technologist

Computed tomography (CT) technologists use CT equipment to observe the human body in “slices”. Once the CT scan is completed, the resulting images showcase a 3D image of the organ or part of the body in question. This is much different than x-ray equipment, which only shows a 2D or flat image.

2. MRI Technologist

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment creates 3D images just like CT scans do. But MRI equipment doesn’t use ionizing radiation like CT and x-ray equipment does. Instead, an MRI machine uses a strong magnetic field to produce detailed images.

MRI technologists use this equipment to see inside the human body. This includes anatomy such as the brain, spinal cord, abdominal organs and more.

3. Mammographer

Mammography is the process of using a low-dose x-ray machine to look inside of the breasts. Mammographers typically use this equipment to help detect the early stages of breast cancer.

4. Bone Densitometry Technologist

A bone density test will measure the level of bone mineral content and density throughout the body. Bone densitometry technologists perform these tests to diagnose medical conditions such as osteoporosis, a condition that leads to brittle bones.

5. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technologists administer radioactive drugs to patients and then use imaging equipment to record the drugs inside the body. This form of imaging can be used to show the progression of conditions such as cancer or to diagnose various diseases.

6. Cardiac Interventional Technologist

Cardiac interventional technologists specialize in taking images of the human heart and its vessels. As a result, physicians can better treat heart diseases. This process uses fluoroscopy or an x-ray machine that passes a beam through the body.

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