Where Do Radiologic Technologists Work

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For many people, the daily tasks associated with a job are what lead to an enjoyable career. For others, the environment in which they execute those tasks is just as, if not more, important.

From Hospitals to Outpatient Centers, Radiologic Technologists Are in Demand

Employment opportunities on the rise for qualified Radiologic Technologists. Advances in diagnostic imaging technology, combined with the rising age of the general population, has left many employees seeking educated and skilled Radiologic Technologists.

Radiologic Technologists are needed to work in a wide range of healthcare settings, including:

  • Hospitals: Radiologic Technologists play a key role in the delivery of patient care in hospitals. As art of a larger care team, Radiologic Technologists support physicians, nurses and radiologists during the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. In hospital settings, imaging procedures may be conducted on emergency room patients, surgical patients and patients receiving long-term care.
  • Physician offices: In physician office settings, Radiologic Technologists conduct imaging processes to support the physician in the diagnosis or treatment processes. Radiologic Technologists employed within smaller physicians’ offices may hold more responsibilities as they are often fewer in number.
  • Medical laboratories: Diagnostic laboratories employ Radiologic Technologists to conduct tests on behalf of other medical providers, such as hospitals and clinics. Radiologic Technologists working in medical labs conduct x-rays and other imaging procedures, then transmit results to the requesting facility. In some cases, a medical laboratory may offer mobile imaging services, requiring the Radiologic Technologist to travel.
  • Outpatient care centers: In outpatient care centers, Radiologic technologists play a key role in supporting patients being treated for a wide range of medical conditions. The images gathered by the Radiologic Technologist are used by physicians and nurses to diagnose and treat patients not requiring admittance or lengthy stays in a hospital.
How Will Where I Work Impact My Career?

In many cases, the daily responsibilities of a Radiologic Technologist will be very similar, regardless of whether they work in a hospital or outpatient care facility. There may be subtle differences in working environment or responsibilities, however.

For example, the dynamic and relationships amongst care team members may vary. Care teams in physicians’ offices may be smaller and more closely knit than those in hospitals or larger facilities. Additionally, Radiologic Technologists employed in diagnostic laboratories may have reduced interactions with patients or other care team members and increased focus on the quality and accuracy of imaging procedures.

Regardless of the work location, the goal of every Radiologic Technologist and care team is the same – providing quality medical care to every patient.

Learn More About Career Opportunities in Radiologic Technology

When planning your career in Radiologic Technology, it may help to discuss your options with an advisor. At Cambridge, our staff is committed to helping every student explore their potential career options, down to the very last detail. Contact an advisor to discuss your Radiology career goals.

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