Medical Assistant Jobs in Atlanta, Georgia

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A medical assistant supports other medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and specialists, in all kinds of patient care—from routine check-ups to emergencies. Not only do medical assistants care for patients in-person, but they also perform clerical work to keep things running smoothly.

The Atlanta Job Market Is Growing

If you’re thinking about becoming a medical assistant, Atlanta is a great place to do it. The medical field is booming in the greater Atlanta area. As a result, many healthcare facilities are looking to expand their patient care teams. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, experts predict medical assistant jobs to grow by 19% between now and 2029.

Where Medical Assistants Work in Atlanta

You’ll find medical assistants in a wide range of workplaces in Atlanta. You might find a medical assistant in a hospital’s emergency room or taking care of patients in a long-term care facility. You may also find medical assistants in other places.

Doctor’s Offices

Many medical assistants find jobs in doctor’s offices throughout the Atlanta area. No two doctor’s offices are the same. You may support a large physician group, helping to coordinate the large numbers of patients coming and going. Or you may choose to work in a smaller practice with one or two doctors who truly get to know you.

Specialty Clinics

In Atlanta, there is a full range of specialty clinics serving patients with all types of health needs. As a medical assistant in one of these clinics, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the type of care your patients receive and their treatment options. For example, you might work at a rheumatology clinic, a dermatologist’s office, or with a cancer care team.

Surgical Centers

Medical assistants also work at surgical centers in the greater Atlanta area. In these surgery centers, patients have surgeries that usually do not require an extended hospital stay. These include things like tonsillectomy, vasectomy and gastric bypass. There is a great deal of patient-facing and clerical work to be done by medical assistants.

No matter where you choose to work in Atlanta, you’ll have the opportunity to provide high-quality patient care. You may start your day answering messages from patients and scheduling appointments. During the workday, you’ll get to work face-to-face with patients and their families. You’ll help keep things organized and moving smoothly.

Learn More About Becoming a Medical Assistant in Atlanta

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