Medical Assistant Jobs in Orlando, Florida

Medical assistants are working in the office

Medical assistants support other healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, in delivering all kinds of patient care. On the job, your day-to-day will differ depending on your responsibilities. As a medical assistant, you’ll more than likely have a mix of clinical duties and administrative duties, depending on where you work.

Orlando’s population has grown steadily in recent years. In fact, recent data from the United States Census Bureau shows that the population is larger than ever before. Due to this growth, many healthcare facilities in Orlando are looking to hire medical assistants fast. 

In Orlando, you’ll find medical assistants in many different healthcare settings, from busy emergency rooms to boutique specialty clinics. That means you’ll have a range of options when you search for your Orlando medical assistant job.


Both private and public hospitals often employ medical assistants to be an important part of the larger care team. There are several award-winning hospitals throughout the Orlando area. You might find employment at a busy regional medical center or in a hospital focusing on caring for children, depending on your interests.

Doctor’s Offices

Doctors often rely on medical assistants to keep them organized. In a doctor’s office, you might respond to patient calls, schedule appointments and assist the doctors during exams. 

Specialty Care Clinics

Medical assistants work in specialty care settings like cancer treatment centers, heart care centers and wound care centers. There are many of these clinics throughout the Orlando area so that patients get the specialized care they need.

Long-Term Care Facilities 

With a large population of retirees, Orlando is home to many long-term care facilities, also referred to as skilled nursing facilities, assisted living or nursing homes. These facilities depend on medical assistants and are often hiring. Retirement communities also have a high demand for medical assistants.

Inpatient Facilities

There are many reasons patients depend on medical assistants in inpatient facilities. Sometimes they have behavioral health needs. Other times, they are working on moving forward after a stroke, heart attack or serious injury.

Outpatient Medical Facilities

In some outpatient centers, medical assistants provide clinical and administrative support to assist patients. In an outpatient setting, you get to interact with many different patients. Many medical assistants love this kind of environment because they’re encouraged to see their patients improving their health by getting the care they need.

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