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Critical Skills Needed to be a Medical Assistant in Atlanta

Atlanta Medical Assistant Job Skills

In Atlanta, many healthcare facilities are hiring medical assistants to round out their medical teams. If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, there are several job skills you need for success.

The Job Skills Any Atlanta Medical Assistant Must Have

Medical assistants have a wide range of responsibilities each day. All of them revolve around patient care with the support of other medical professionals. To best perform your daily duties, there are several critical skills you must have, including:

  • Medical skills: You’ll need to perform various medical procedures such as drawing blood and giving injections. You’ll also need to understand the human anatomy, proper medication dosages, side effects of procedures and more. 
  • Patient interaction: Each day, you’ll interact with patients. Many of these patients will be struggling through pain and suffering. Others will need help in understanding their treatment plan or diagnosis. It’s your responsibility to interact in a caring way, ensuring your patients have the information they need for proper care.
  • Teamwork:You’ll work directly with doctors, nurses and administrative staff, among others. You’ll need to know how to communicate and problem solve with other individuals within a team.
  • Communication:Everything you’ll do each day will involve some form of communication. Whether you’re speaking to a patient on the phone or talking to a doctor about a patient, you’ll need to know how to communicate effectively.
  • Office skills: Medical assistants often work in patient care and an office setting. You’ll need to know how to run office equipment such as a fax machine. You’ll also need to understand how to bill and code procedures for insurance.
Earn the Skills You Need Through a Medical Assistant Certification Program

Seeing this list of skills can make seeking a career in medical assisting seem daunting. Yet, you can develop these skills by attending a Medical Assistant program, such as the one offered here at Cambridge. 

During the program, you’ll learn the medical skills you need for success. Plus, you’ll be able to develop communication skills and interpersonal skills by working with patients through our clinical externship program.

Start Your Medical Assistant Career in Atlanta With Cambridge

The team at Cambridge is here to support you as you enter your new career in the Atlanta medical field. It all starts with a Medical Assistant certification. To learn more about the program or for answers to your questions, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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