Cyber Security Professions: Purple Jobs

A male cyber security professional is at work

When considering a career in cyber security there is a third category of jobs that one might consider.  These jobs would be considered purple jobs and they combine the skills and talents of both the red and blue jobs.  Many organizations separate individuals into teams who are dedicated to certain cyber security tasks and you might find one or more of these teams working for an organization.  Individuals who work on a purple team work together using offensive and defensive methods to simultaneously identify weaknesses and recommended necessary measures to improve security features.  Purple team members closely coordinate with one another utilizing both red and blue tactics creating a continuous feedback loop that allows organizations to stay up to date with new and emerging threats.  The amount of knowledge sharing that is occurring allows the purple team to identify problems more quickly and greatly increase the effectiveness of security systems in a shorter amount of time.  Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology offers courses to help prepare you for an entry level purple team job.

Purple Team Roles

Purple teams will consist of individuals from both red teams and blue teams.  Jobs are not generally advertised as being part of a purple team but descriptions may include having a knowledge of purple skills which would mean that someone understands both the offensive and defensive sides of cyber security.  In addition to having these skills, an individual would need to be adept at communication and able to create efficient methods for sharing information with other team members.  Another key skill is collaboration because team members have to work together to identify problems, plan methods of attack and defense and then analyze findings to quickly and effectively strengthen an organization’s overall security.

Positions often found on a Purple Team

  • Security engineer – both offensive and defensive
  • Penetration tester
  • Ethical hacker
  • Incident responder
  • Digital forensic examiner
  • Cyber security analyst

These are just a few of the possible roles that might be available on a purple team.  The number and type of positions needed on a purple team will depend upon the size of an organization as well as the complexity of the security system.  In some cases, an organization may have separate red and blue teams that come together regularly to collaborate as purple teams if it is determined that this will be more efficient for strengthening the overall effectiveness of an organization’s security system.

Learning more

No matter which team you are considering becoming a part of, Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology would like to be a part of getting you there.  Cambridge offers three flexible, fully online programs designed to provide you with the skills to succeed in the cyber security field.  You can find out more about these programs by visiting our website or reach out by filling out the Request Info form online and someone from our admission teams will get in touch with you.  Your path to success in the cyber security field starts with Cambridge and we hope to hear from you soon.