Want a Career in IT

Want a Career in IT? Here’s How to Get Started

Information technology (IT) is a rapidly growing field. After all, organizations across industries need IT professionals to keep up with the constant growth of technology. If you’re considering this career path, there are a few steps you must take, starting with deciding which IT career is best for you.

Step #1: Decide What Information Technology Career Is Best for You

First, you’ll need to select an IT career that best fits your goals and interests. Luckily, there are so many options to choose from, including:

  • Computer networking: Computer networkers build, manage and troubleshoot critical networks on behalf of their organization. Networks are critical for tech use within any business.
  • Cyber and network security: Cyber security professionals protect computer networks, apps, software and hardware by implementing security measures. They also perform security audits and make recommendations for further protection.
  • Project management: Project managers manage projects on behalf of their organization. This means ensuring teams fulfill their responsibilities and that projects move forward smoothly.
  • Data analytics: Data analysts capture, wrangle, analyze and store data to inform business decisions.
  • Health IT: Health IT professionals analyze patient information and data to inform decisions that impact patient care. They also ensure patient data is stored and disposed of correctly to protect sensitive information.

Step #2: Find an Accredited College Program

For most IT careers, you’ll need a college degree. This ensures you have the knowledge required to be successful in your role. There are many college programs out there, including those offered via Cambridge.

For example, if you want to start your career quickly, a certificate program might be a great choice. However, if you want to take your time while learning or want to take your career further, an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree might be the best choice for you.

You’ll also need to decide whether you prefer attending in-person classes or whether you’d rather attend school online. Attending school online gives you the flexibility to fulfill your other responsibilities, including caring for your family or keeping your 9-5.

Step #3: Gain Certifications to Solidify Your Tech Knowledge

Once you complete a college program, you can take certification exams to become certified in various technical concepts. For example, here at Cambridge, our program prepare students for a variety of certifications, including:

  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Project+
  • Cisco Certified Technician
  • RHIT
  • Certified Internet Webmaster
  • Certified Incident Handler

Step #4: Get That Job

With a degree and certifications in hand, you’ll be ready to score your first position as an IT professional. By now, you may have thought about where you’d like to work. If so, look for open positions by searching online job boards or by looking up company websites. Be sure to include your new knowledge and certifications on your resumé.

Your Future IT Career Starts Here at Cambridge

Cambridge is proud to offer a wide range of tech-based programs, including certificates, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees. We can help you start your new career in IT today. For more information about our programs or to get started today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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