IT Careers

IT Careers You Can Start in Less Than a Year

IT Careers You Can Start in Less Than a Year

Information technology (IT) is a fast-growing field. Organizations in healthcare and other industries need IT support to ensure the security of their critical data and the efficiency of their work processes. If you’re interested in starting a career in IT, there are several entry-level careers you can start in less than a year.

Careers in Computer Networking

All businesses require a computer network to connect their computers and other tech tools. Careers in computer networking ensure these networks are up and running at all times. After obtaining a Computer Networking diploma, you could start work as a:

  • Network technician: Network technicians help manage an organization’s network system. This means you’ll be responsible for making repairs, installing network systems and performing upgrades.
  • Desktop support technician: Desktop support techs support an organization’s team by troubleshooting various computer issues. For example, you may help someone reconnect to their printer or determine why a desktop won’t connect properly to the internet.
  • Computer repair technician: As a computer repair tech, you’ll be responsible for updating software and installing new computer hardware.
Careers in Cyber and Network Security

The fast growth of the tech field results in the need for heightened security. Cyber and network security professionalshelp protect the critical systems organizations use for daily work. Some potential careers include:

  • IT support technician: IT support techs help an organization’s team use networks and computer software safely and correctly. They also help to maintain the security of computer systems and networks.
  • Incident analyst: When a security issue occurs, it’s the incident analyst’s job to determine the why and how behind it. They identify security flaws and perform security audits to help protect the organization’s data.
  • Security operation center analyst: Similar to an incident analyst, these individuals work in security operation centers to identify and mitigate security risks.
Careers in Data and Project Management

Cambridge’s Data and Project Management program prepares students for two different fields: data science and project management. Whichever discipline you choose to focus on, there are careers available. For example, in data science, you could become a:

  • Data analyst: As a data analyst, you’ll analyze data to help your organization make critical business decisions.
  • Data science technician: Similar to data analysts, data science technicians focus on wrangling and extracting data, communicating it in a way that’s simple to understand and then sharing insights with their organization.

Possible careers in project management may include:

  • Data project manager: Data project managers manage the projects involving the use of data on behalf of their organization.
  • Project manager assistant: As a project manager assistant, you’ll monitor the progress of projects and share reports with the lead project manager. You may also perform tasks to keep projects moving forward such as scheduling meetings or sharing documents.
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