New Radiation Therapy Program in Miami Offers More Choices in Schools

Radiation School Miami

Starting in 2020, Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology will open a brand new Radiation Therapy Program at our Miami campus. The campus is located just off Interstate 95 in Miami Gardens.

Many things set our program apart from other programs you might find locally. It’s a great new opportunity to learn the skills you’ll need for a rewarding medical career.

We Focus Exclusively on Training for the Medical Field

Cambridge is a college that focuses on medical training, unlike larger Miami colleges that offer many different courses in different industries. Because of our exclusive focus, you’ll get training from people who really know medical careers. We know what it takes to get a job, and we’ll make sure you learn the skills necessary to be successful in Radiation Therapy.

Our Radiation Therapy Program Offers Hands-On Experience

We also offer hands-on experience in Radiation Therapy. You’ll work directly with certified instructors to get the experience needed for the job. Unlike other colleges that just have you study from a book, we’ll make sure you work in real medical settings.

Our Radiation Therapy Program Offers Online Experience, Too

Our students also learn online. This gives them the flexibility to complete coursework at home, on their own time. It recognizes that our students have busy lives. It empowers them to tackle a challenging Radiation Therapy program while still taking care of other, real-world responsibilities.

Our Students Learn on State-of-the-Art Technology

Most commonly, a radiation therapist will use a LINAC or a linear accelerator to deliver external beam radiation treatments to patients with cancer. The radiation therapy equipment we use to train our students is state-of-the-art. It’s the same equipment that employers are using in the field right now. So, you’ll start your career with the right kind of knowledge.

Other schools train their students with outdated equipment, so students have to scramble to catch up in the real world. What is the point of going to school just to learn how to use equipment that’s being phased out in the industry?

Learn More About Becoming a Radiation Therapist in Miami, Florida

Get started with our Radiation Therapist course by contacting an advisor today. Our advisors can give you more information about the program. We can also arrange a tour of our Miami campus and help you get started in the enrollment process.