Is a Radiation Therapist a Good Career Choice?

Is Radiation Therapy a Stressful Job?

The majority of radiation therapists will tell you that becoming a radiation therapist is a good career choice. But what does that mean exactly? What makes a good career? Here’s why becoming a radiation therapist is a good choice for your future.

Radiation Therapists Report Job Satisfaction

A good career is personally and professionally meaningful to you. It’s more than a job. It’s something that makes you feel fulfilled. People who report high job satisfaction often report that they feel that their job is important and that they are valued in what they do.

study done by CareerExplorer asked radiation therapists to rate their overall job satisfaction. Radiation therapists rated their job satisfaction as 3.2 out of 5 stars, putting them in the top 48% of happiness. That’s about average.

Career Outlook for Radiation Therapists

Good careers have good career outlooks. Are you likely to get promoted and grow your career as you gain more experience? Is there high demand for the job with many open positions available? Do statistics show that demand for the job will increase over time?

The career outlook for radiation therapists is good. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there will be 9% more jobs for radiation therapists by the year 2030, which is as fast as average.

Radiation Therapist Salary and Benefits

Compensation and benefits are also critical. How much you’re paid affects your entire life. Good careers come with good health insurance, paid time off and a retirement plan. If you plan to have children, paid parental leave is also an important benefit to consider.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for radiation therapists as of May 2020 was $86,850 per year. That’s about $41 an hour. Radiation therapists who are employed full-time generally can expect good benefits, including paid time off, health insurance and a 401(k).

Quality of Life for Radiation Therapists

There are other things to consider, too, like whether the hours you work are regular and predictable. Most people thrive working days instead of nights and enjoy having weekends free to connect with friends and family.

Many radiation therapists say that they are happy with their jobs because of the regular hours. They work Monday through Friday during the day without working long shifts or needing to be on call for emergencies.

Thinking About Becoming a Radiation Therapist?

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