Exploring Nursing Specialties

Exploring Nursing Specialties

Are you considering nursing as a career? If so, you will be happy to know that you can find a fulfilling career in the nursing field that allows you the opportunity to provide care and comfort to your community.  The nursing field is vast and offers so many specialties that allow you to find something that truly suits your career aspirations.  In this article you can find information about a few of the possible specialties.

What Should I Specialize In?

There are many of types of nursing specialties to choose from.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the space to discuss all of them today so we have selected a few of the top specialties for you to consider. 

Pediatric Nurse

In this specialty you will be working work closely with doctors to provide care and comfort to children including but not limited to conducting medical exams, treating illnesses and administering immunizations.  Pediatric nurses also perform diagnostic tests for children, schedule appointments and communicate care plans to families. Special skills for this type of nurse including being able to communicate effectively with children and being familiar with the stages of child development.

Oncology Nurse

As an oncology nurse, you will be on the front lines providing care and support along with doctors who are fighting to defeat the devastating disease that is cancer.  This is a very challenging specialty due to the possibility of creating bonds to patients during prolonged cancer treatments.  Oncology nurses usually administer chemotherapy as well as helping patients manage the sometimes painful and unpleasant side effects of this and other cancer treatments.  In this specialty, one would need to have an extensive knowledge of everything pertaining to cancer in order to be able to provide adequate education, training and support to patients and their families,

Cardiac Care Nurse

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S, which puts this specialization in very high demand.  As a cardiac care nurse, you will have specialized knowledge of the cardiovascular system so you can provide the critical service of assisting patients in managing and treating their conditions.  Responsibilities may include monitoring vital signs and interpreting cardiac tests, administering medications and assisting in pacemaker insertions as well as post-op care.

Emergency Nurse

These nurses often work in hospital emergency rooms, but they may also ride along in ambulances and even medical evacuation helicopters. They deal with a wide range of situations, from minor injuries to severe trauma where prompt care means the difference between life and death.  Emergency nurses must be skilled in dealing with patients of all ages along with the variety of conditions that may be present.  As an emergency nurse you must be able to think quickly on your feet, remain calm under pressure and be able to communicate clearly in high stress situations.   

Beginning Careers in the Nursing Field

The first step to becoming a specialty nurse is to earn either an associate or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You will then need to take and successfully pass the licensure examination to become a registered nurse. After getting the license, you can start looking for employment in hospitals, doctor’s offices or medical clinics, while working on your specialization if you want to progress in your nursing career. 

Start Your Nursing Journey with Cambridge

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