What Is a Practical Nurse?

What Is a Practical Nurse?

Many students choose to enter the medical field by becoming nurses. If you’re considering a career in nursing, there are various options to choose from. One of the most popular career paths is becoming a practical nurse or licensed practical nurse (LPN).

What Does a Practical Nurse Do?

Practical nurses support patients by providing basic nursing and medical care. Due to the nature of patient care, practical nurses perform many duties depending on where they choose to work. Some of these duties will often include:

  • Changing wound dressings
  • Taking vital signs and recording them in patient charts
  • Performing immunizations and other injections
  • Presenting patient information to RNs and doctors
  • Evaluating patient care and tending to the emotional and psychological needs of patients
  • Speaking to patient families regarding care
  • Supporting patients through difficult treatments and diagnoses
  • Preparing patients for exams and surgical procedures
  • Educating patients on surgical aftercare, medical treatment, symptoms and side effects

As a practical nurse, you can work in many different settings, including hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, specialty clinics, therapy centers and surgical centers.

What’s the Difference Between a Practical Nurse and a Registered Nurse?

There are some differences between LPNs and RNs. For example, practical nurses aren’t given the same level of responsibility as RNs. A practical nurse isn’t typically able to perform diagnostic testing or administer medication.

RNs also have at least a two-year degree or a three-year diploma, while practical nurses can enter the field in a year. Becoming an LPN can be a great way to gain industry experience while pursuing your RN credentials.

How Cambridge Can Help You Become an LPN

Cambridge offers a Practical Nursing program that includes everything you need for success. Our curriculum, taught by experienced instructors, covers subject matter such as anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and mental health.

We also offer clinical rotations in local healthcare facilities. This means you’ll receive the hands-on training you’ll need to start your nursing career with confidence.

Once you complete your program, our support doesn’t end there. We’ll help you study for your NCLEX-PN exam for licensing. We’ll also help you find the perfect entry-level LPN job through our Career Services department.

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