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Is an Online Degree Respected?

Is an Online Degree Respected?

Will employers take my online degree seriously? Questions like these used to worry prospective students. But today, particularly after COVID-19 pushed even the most traditional schools into online learning, one thing is clear: Online degrees carry just as much weight as a degree earned in a physical classroom.

The Popularity of Online Degrees

The most recent statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics are from 2019, which was pre-pandemic. It is safe to say that post-pandemic online course enrollment will be even higher than the following 2019 figures:

  • More than 7.3 million students—that’s 37% of all students—were enrolled in at least one distance education course.
  • 3.5 million, or 17.6% of all students, were exclusively taking courses online.

Companies and hiring managers have taken notice of the increasing trend toward online learning and adjusting their hiring practices to account for all types of degree-earners. 

The acceptance of online degrees will only increase in the post-pandemic world, as tens of thousands of graduates pour into the job market having completed most or all of their coursework online.

Gone are the days when telling someone you were taking online classes would draw skeptical looks from your family and unwanted questions from potential employers. Today, online education has been embraced by students and the business world alike, as advances in technology have transformed the way we all live and work.

4 Ways Online Degrees Make You More Marketable

There are many reasons why today’s employers respect online degree holders. Completing an online degree program, whether it’s a certificateAssociate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, shows employers that you possess several highly desirable qualities:

  • Self-starter: Online instruction can be done at the student’s pace, so students must be proactive and driven to progress through their studies.
  • Multitasker: Time management is crucial for online students to manage school, life and work at the same time. Completing an online degree shows you know how to juggle many tasks and complete them all.
  • Tech-savvy: Online education means mastering various electronic platforms, interactive classrooms and communication tools. Today’s jobs require the same tech mastery.
  • Digital communicator: Today’s work-from-home and hybrid work environments demand employees who can communicate effectively without being face-to-face. Online students are accustomed to this highly digital communications world upon graduation.

Earning your certificate or degree online gives you a valuable credential that holds up against similar credentials from traditional universities. Cambridge offers a wide variety of online study programs to fit your career and life goals.

Explore 100% Online Degrees at Cambridge

Wherever you live, a valuable education is waiting for you online. Cambridge is the place where you can earn the certificate or degree you want, on your schedule. To speak with an advisor about your goals, call 877-206-4279 or contact us online.

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