How Do I Become a CNA in Florida

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When considering a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), it is important to understand the requirements of becoming employed, and the steps they must take to meet those requirements. By understanding these requirements and making a pan to meet them, you can get started on the path toward a rewarding career.

Becoming a CNA in Florida

Florida, like many other states, requires individuals to complete a few steps before becoming eligible for employment as a CNA.

To become a CNA in Florida, an individual must first:

  • Complete a state-approved CNA program: The Florida Board of Nursing requires individuals to complete a CNA program offered by an approved school. Individuals may also be required to obtain a specific GPA during the completion of that program. State-approved programs may last as little as 120 hours, or five weeks, depending on the school and curriculum. These programs often provide a mix on classroom instruction and hands-on training to prepare students for CNA careers.
  • Pass a competency examination: Once an individual has successfully completed a state-approved CNA program, they are eligible to sit for a competency exam offered by Prometric. The exam involves a written test and a practical skills portion, and is designed to gauge an individual’s readiness for work as a CNA.
  • Obtain certification: Upon successful completion of the CNA program and Prometric exam, an individual may apply for certification from Florida’s Board of Nursing. The certification process involves the completion of specific forms. You may also be required to provide proof of graduation and successful completion of the Prometric exam.
  • Be added to Florida’s Nurse Aide Registry: Once an individual is certified, but before they begin seeking employment, they must be added to Florida’s Nurse Aide Registry. Individuals are also required to submit to a background check and provide the Board of Nursing with fingerprints.
Is it Worth it?

Many people see the requirements and steps they must take to obtain a CNA career and are discouraged. The process is very worth it, however, as a career as a CNA offers a competitive wage and rewarding work. Qualified CNAs are currently in high demand in Florida and throughout the country—who complete the steps necessary to become a CNA in Florida often have many employment opportunities.

Experience as a CNA may also open additional career avenues. Many CNAs go on to obtain additional education and advance into other roles in the healthcare industry. The experience gained while working as a CNA often plays a key role in an individual’s ability to further their career.

Begin Your Path Toward a Certified Nursing Assistant Career in Florida

At Cambridge, we are here to help you understand the requirements needed to secure your dream career, then take steps to obtain it. Our advisors are happy to offer advice or insight on the steps involved in the process of becoming a CNA in Florida. Contact an advisor for answers to your career and education questions.

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