How Do I Become a CNA in Miami

Working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in the Miami area can be rewarding. CNAs work closely with patients on a daily basis so they’re often the members of the care team who become closest with the people they’re caring for. As a CNA, you might do things like:

  • Answer patient calls
  • Take patients’ temperatures and record vital signs
  • Feed patients and measure how much they eat and drink
  • Bathe patients as needed
  • Help with medical procedures
  • Move patients who have a difficult time moving themselves

CNAs also report that the pay is good compared with the training required. According to the website PayScale, the average pay for a certified nursing assistant is $11.68 per hour. The pay can vary from $9.71 to $15.68 depending on where you work. For example, CNAs who work in operating rooms generally make more per hour than CNAs who work in nursing homes.

Requirements for Becoming a CNA

So, how do you become a CNA in the Miami area? Start with a state-approved CNA program, like the new one at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology. In 2020, we are opening a new campus in Miami. Our campus is conveniently located just off Interstate 95 in Miami Gardens.

After completing the 120 hours of training required by the state of Florida and getting your diploma, you’ll need to pass a licensing examination. The exam involves a written test and a practical skills test.  It’s designed to determine your readiness for work as a CNA.

After you pass your exam, you may apply for certification from Florida’s Board of Nursing. You’ll need to complete a series of forms, including providing proof that you graduated from a state-approved CNA program and passed the exam.

You’ll also need to add your name to Florida’s Nurse Aide Registry. All CNAs are required to submit to a background check and provide the Board of Nursing with fingerprints.

Take the Next Step Toward Becoming a CNA in Miami, Florida

Get started with our Miami CNA course by contacting an advisor today. Our advisors can give you more information about the certified nursing assistant program. They can arrange a tour and help you get started in the enrollment process.
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