What Can I Do With a Data Management Degree

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Companies want to harness the data that drives modern business, and they need qualified data managers to do it. Those with data management and analysis backgrounds enjoy career opportunities in information technology, healthcare, finance and a variety of other industries.

Skills You’ll Need In Data Management and Analytics Positions

To succeed in this field, you’ll need strong analytical, communication, troubleshooting and critical thinking skills. Skills like these help you contribute to your organization’s strategic decisions, and to do the designing, testing and implementation of the business’ tech tools. 

Education Needed to Pursue a Career Path in Data 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can find employment in certain entry-level data jobs with an Associate’s degree and work experience. Cambridge offers an Associate of Science in Data and Project Management, which is a great fit for those interested in pursuing positions such as data analyst, analytics consultant, data project manager or data science technician.

To obtain the highest paying jobs in the field, such as computer network architect or database administrator, you will most likely need a Bachelor’s degree. Cambridge offers a Bachelor of Science in Data Management and Analytics for students who are interested in pursuing such careers.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With a Data Management Degree?

Companies in every industry increasingly rely on data professionals to help them make business decisions. A data management degree from Cambridge can open doors to positions with companies in healthcare, finance, education, energy, retail, and almost any other field you can think of. 

Within those industries, here are some of the jobs your degree helps qualify you for, along with average annual salaries, according to PayScale data. Keep in mind, average salaries include people with many years of experience. Salaries at the beginning of your career are not likely to be this high:

  • Data engineer ($92,934)
  • IT project manager ($88,490)
  • Database administrator or database architect ($73,407)
  • Computer systems analyst ($67,368)
  • Data analyst ($62,365)
  • Web developer ($60,361)
  • IT support analyst ($56,036)
  • Technical support specialist ($52,978)

In preparation for exciting careers like these and many others, Cambridge will teach you the best practices for managing enterprise data, preparing data for business use, and performing various analyses that help organizations increase their productivity.

Ready to Study Data Management? Cambridge Is Ready for You.

Whether you are looking to begin a data management career with an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, or you’re a mid-career professional interested in adding a data management certificate to your credentials, Cambridge has the program that fits your needs.

Our advisors are here to talk you through the options and help you find the right fit. Give us a call at 877-206-4279 or contact us online anytime to have an advisor reach out to you.

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