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Careers in Technology for 7 Types of People

Careers in Technology for 7 Types of People

If there’s one industry that continues to grow leaps and bounds over the others, it’s technology. We depend on it. We can’t live without it. And we wouldn’t have it at all if not for the thousands of people working tech-based positions in every industry, from healthcare to retail.

There’s a Career in Technology for You

Many students wish to take advantage of the fast-paced growth of the technology industry. Yet, they worry that technology isn’t the right choice for them. We’re here with good news: There’s a career in technology for you.

1. For the One Who Loves to Check Boxes on Their To-Do List

Are you someone who loves nothing more than to complete their daily to-do list? If you’re detail-oriented with a passion for project completion, a career as a project manager might be great for you. In technology, project managers help organizations complete tech-based projects.

As a project manager, you’ll be responsible for motivated internal teams and keeping projects moving forward seamlessly. You’ll be the point person for to-do list items, deciding who does what and when.

2. For the One Who Loves Playing With Numbers

If you have an analytical mind and enjoy a good equation, consider a career in data. For example, you could be a database architect, responsible for designing and managing databases to store a company’s critical data. Or, you could be a data analyst, tasked with analyzing critical data to glean insights for business improvement.

3. For the One Who Enjoys Problem-Solving

Technology comes with its fair share of complications. If you enjoy problem-solving, you could become a network technician, responsible for troubleshooting network issues. Or you could be a network support specialist who supports IT teams with network issues, installation, updates and more.

4. For the One Who Wants to Build New Things

A creative mind is also a useful tool in technology. For example, computer network architects spend their days creating networks from scratch. You’d be responsible for creating and drafting a network plan that works best for an organization’s needs.

5. For the One Who Wants to Make a Difference in the Lives of Medical Patients

If you love helping people, you’d find a perfect fit in the cross-section of healthcare and technology. You could be a health information technician who works to keep patient records updated and secure. Or you could be a medical records technician who solves issues within patient records. Medical records enable medical professionals to provide the best patient care possible.

6. For the One Whose Strength Is Protecting Others

Some individuals are natural protectors. If this sounds like you, you may thrive in a cyber security career. As a network security analyst, you would monitor networks for intruders to protect sensitive business, customer or patient data. Or you could become a cyber security specialist, tasked with mitigating risks and eliminating threats as they occur.

7. For the One Who Wants to Mix Business With Technology

Can’t choose between a career in business or technology? Combine them. For example, IT project managers manage projects on behalf of the business and the IT team. You’d be responsible for ensuring IT projects move forward in a way that serves the business best.

Jumpstart Your Technology Career With Cambridge

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