Top Medical Careers

Top Medical Careers for 2021

Many students are interested in joining the healthcare industry, and for good reason. The medical industry continues to grow and evolve. There will always be a need for medical professionals to care for patients across the globe.

The Medical Field Is Growing Fast

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations are expected to increase by 15% between now and 2029, much faster than average for all other occupations. We can expect to see approximately 2.4 million new jobs added to the industry, which is more than any other occupational group.

This rapid growth is caused by an aging occupation and a higher demand for healthcare services. The COVID-19 pandemic may also be a motivating factor in the growth.

Top Medical Careers You Can Start With the Help of Cambridge

Cambridge offers many degree programs to students ready to enter the medical field. You’ll find the support you need to obtain your dream career here with us.


One of the top career paths in the medical field is nursing. Depending on your interests and where you’d like to work, there’s a career for everyone interested in this side of patient care. Cambridge can help you become a:

Phlebotomy & Diagnostic Imaging

A critical part of patient care is assisting medical professionals with diagnostic testing. This can be done through drawing blood and other bodily fluids or performing imaging to see issues within the body.

If you want to enter the medical field fast, our Phlebotomy Technician program might be a great choice for you. It’s an 11-week program that teaches you how to draw and test patient lab samples.

If you want to be on the imaging side of diagnostics, we also offer a Diagnostic Medical Sonography program to help you become a licensed sonographer. Or you can become a radiologic technologist through our Radiologic Technology program.

Radiation Therapy

Want to provide support to patients going through cancer treatment? As a radiation therapist, you’ll deliver life-saving radiation treatment to many patients. Our Radiation Therapy program can get you there.

Enter the Rapidly Expanding Medical Field With Cambridge

Cambridge College is here to help you take advantage of the growth in the medical field through a new career. To learn more about our available medical programs or to apply today, call our team at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.