High-Demand Careers in Palm Beach

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The beautiful city of Palm Beach, Florida is a great place to start a brand new career. There are many high-demand options in Palm Beach, including jobs in healthcare and technology. No matter your interests, there’s a career for you as well as a degree program to get you there through Cambridge.

Growing Careers in Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach County’s Career Source department updates its list of high-demand jobs annually. Currently, there are many rewarding and unique jobs on the list, including:

  • Database Administrator: Database administrators wrangle and analyze the data organizations use to make decisions. They also develop databases and visualize data for business stakeholders.
  • Computer Network Support Specialist: Computer network support specialists ensure computer networks are working properly. This includes troubleshooting, maintaining and updating networks when necessary.
  • Lab Technician: Lab technicians spend their days obtaining blood, urine and other bodily fluid samples to test for medical conditions and diseases.
  • Medical Assistant: Medical assistants support nurses, doctors and other care team members in basic patient care. This may include helping patients eat, charting vital signs and providing additional patient support.

How Cambridge Can Help You Prepare for Your Career

Cambridge offers a wide range of certificate and Associate degree programs to help you reach your career goals:

Cambridge also offers the following programs completely online for:

Each of these programs has been carefully designed to provide the knowledge and skills required for career success. Plus, our Palm Beach-area campus, located in Delray Beach, is spacious, comfortable and includes industry-leading labs for hands-on training.

Our faculty and staff are highly supportive and ready to help through study assistance, job placement and exam preparation tools. All we want to do is help you succeed.

Learn More About Our Palm Beach Degree Programs Today

Your future career starts here at Cambridge. Whether you’re interested in healthcare or want to enter the fast-growing tech industry, we can support you. To learn more about our available Palm Beach degree programs or to get started today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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