What to Expect From a Medical Assistant Program in Palm Beach

Palm Beach Medical Assistant Program | What to Expect

Many healthcare facilities around Palm Beach are looking for qualified medical assistants to round out their care teams. By completing a Medical Assistant program, one of those positions could be yours. What can you expect from a Medical Assistant program?

The Medical Assistant Program Curriculum

Your Medical Assistant program will include the subject matter you need for career success. For example, you’ll learn how to take vitals, perform basic surgical procedures and how to interact with patients. Your studies may include:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Health basics
  • Medical assisting skills
  • Electrocardiography
  • Radiography

Hands-On Training

A lot of the subject matter you’ll need to understand for career success requires hands-on training. That’s why we partner with local healthcare facilities to offer our clinical externship program.

During this mandatory program, you’ll get to work alongside medical professionals in local hospitals or clinics. You’ll use medical equipment, work with patients and perform various medical assistant duties. As a result, you’ll start your new career with confidence after you complete your program.

What to Expect While Studying on Our Palm Beach Campus

Our Palm Beach campus is located conveniently on the Delray Medical Center campus in Delray Beach. It’s easy to access from anywhere in the Palm Beach area. What other benefits can you expect while you’re studying on campus?

  • Spacious learning environment: Our learning environment is spacious and comfortable with a fully equipped library, on-site offices and campus break room.
  • Supportive staff and experienced faculty: The Cambridge staff is dedicated to supporting you as you learn. Whether you need study assistance or require help with an assignment, we’re here for you. Plus, each of our instructors has years of experience in the medical field, giving you fresh insights into healthcare.
  • Training labs: Our on-site training labs house industry-current medical equipment such as x-ray machines and practical nursing tools. You’ll get to use the same medical equipment you’ll use in the field after program completion.

You can also expect to have some fun while you’re here. Our campus is near plenty of nightclubs, restaurants and sunny beaches. Whether you need a quick study break or a night out to celebrate a successful test result, you’ll find it all here.

Ready to Get Started? Call Cambridge Today!

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is ready to support you in reaching your medical career goals. To learn more about our Medical Assistant program or to get started today, reach out by calling us at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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