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Ultrasound Tech Program in Atlanta, GA

The field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography is constantly growing and finding new applications in the realm of health-related examinations for its technology. At Cambridge, we offer ultrasound laboratories and cutting-edge training methods at our Ultrasound Technician Program in Atlanta, GA to prepare our students to be successful in this highly skilled industry.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers specialize in the use of technologically advanced machinery that utilizes high-frequency sound waves in order to create dynamic visual images of inner parts and functionality of the body including organs, tissue and blood flow. These images are vital elements in the process of treating and diagnosing patients, and new uses related to diagnostics are constantly being discovered for sonography machines. We prepare our students to be successful in this exciting and ever-changing field by giving them full access to the most sophisticated pieces of machinery available at the moment. At our Ultrasound Technician Program in Atlanta, GA, we also provide our students with relevant clinical rotation in hospitals, doctor’s offices and imaging facilities. We at Cambridge realize that students pursuing a career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography need to be mentally prepared to enter a field that involves lifelong education. That is why we are constantly evaluating and updating our programs to meet the most current needs that this exciting field has to offer.

The employment opportunities for Sonographers are vast due to the many applications being implemented by this skill. With a certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from our Ultrasound Technology Program in Atlanta, GA, your skill will be sought after by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, public health centers and any other medical center that focuses on examinations. It is also important to consider which field of study you would like to specialize in. Typically, Sonographers use their skill with ultrasound machinery to focus on one area of the body such as the abdomen (liver, urinary tract, pancreas) or vascular technology (blood flow).

Regardless of your chosen field of specialization, we at Cambridge take the utmost pride in our responsibility of training and preparing our students to be successful in their prospective careers beyond graduation. If you have ever considered a career in the medical industry, especially as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, please contact us today and let our staff provide you with all of the information and guidance necessary to begin your studies at our Ultrasound Technician Program in Atlanta, GA.

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