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Ultrasound Tech Training West Palm Beach, FL

Get on the fast track to earning a degree in the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography with Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Ultrasound Technician degree program in Delray Beach (West Palm Beach, FL area).  With our highly experienced, industry-leading professors and industry current laboratories, you will gain the education necessary to take on the immediate responsibilities that this exciting and constantly growing field has to offer post graduation.

What is Ultrasound?

Diagnostic Medical Sonography, commonly referred to as Ultrasonography or Ultrasound, is an integral part of health care that utilizes high-frequency sound waves in order to create effective images of internal parts of the body including tissues, organs and blood flow.  Professionals in this field are referred to as Sonographers or Vascular Technologists.  While many people relate ultrasound scans to fetal imaging during pregnancy, this technology has become a useful tool for many applications including the early detection and treatment of heart and vascular disease.  In addition to full access to the most advanced pieces of equipment in our Ultrasound labs, we also provide relevant clinical rotations through hospitals, imaging facilities and doctor’s offices.  We at Cambridge Health realize that due to the ever-changing nature of this field, we must be constantly assessing and evolving our programs to keep up with the current needs of the world of healthcare.  By preparing our students to adhere to lifelong learning, they are ready to take on that responsibility in their prospective careers as well.


With a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from our Ultrasound Technician School in Delray Beach (Palm Beach, FL area), you will be able to enter a highly skilled trade that is constantly growing and finding new and innovative uses for its technology.  Sonographers and Vascular Technicians can find work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, public health centers and any other medical setting that suits their examination expertise.  Typically, a career in ultrasound technology is focused on one of a list of specialties that you may want to consider as you enter your training.  These areas of specialization include; abdomen (liver, urinary tract, pancreas), breast (abnormalities/mammography), vascular technology (blood flow), obstetrics/gynecology (female reproductive system), echocardiography (heart), neurosonography (brain and spinal cord) and ophthalmology (eyes, orbital structures and muscles).

Whichever specialization you choose, we at Cambridge are dedicated to providing you with all of the tools and support necessary to ensure your success throughout your training and post graduation.  Please contact us today and let our staff work with you towards pursuing a career in the exciting field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography at our Ultrasound Technician School in Delray Beach (Palm Beach, FL area).

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