Practical Nursing Palm Beach Curriculum

Practical Nurse Training at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology

The Practical Nursing diploma program at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology offers students the knowledge, training and clinical skills necessary to enter the nursing field. The program blends theoretical instruction and hands-on training in a number of nursing disciplines, including medical, surgical, obstetric, pediatric, and geriatric nursing. Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN examination and seek entry-level employment in the nursing field.

The program covers a wide range of key topics to prepare students for lasting nursing careers, including:

  • Healthcare foundations
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Legal aspects of nursing
  • Mental health basics
  • Medical nursing
  • Surgical nursing
  • Obstetric nursing
  • Pediatric nursing

The Practical Nursing diploma program is offered in 54 and 85-week sessions. Evening classes are also available.

The Knowledge and Training You Need to Hit the Ground Running

Students in the Practical Nursing diploma program at our Palm Beach campus gain valuable knowledge and skills through a number of delivery methods, including:

  • Classroom learning: Each of our classroom-based courses is led by an experienced instructor with a background in the medical field. This makes lectures more relatable, impactful and useful for every student.
  • Hands-on training: Students are given access to the latest in medical technology to learn career-building skills. This hands-on training prepares students to transition from the classroom to the nursing field as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Clinical training: The program’s required clinical sessions expose students to real-world medical care situations and provide a glimpse into future careers. Clinical rotations are held at many of the Palm Beach area’s leading medical facilities.
  • Exam preparation activities: The certification examinations required for employment in the nursing field can cause anxiety for many students. Throughout the Practical Nursing program, students are given the tools and support needed to take the NCLEX-PN examination with confidence.

The programs course schedule includes:

Course CodeCourse TitleClock Hours
PN 100Health Care Core90
PN 102Medical Terminology40
PN 103Anatomy and Physiology (Body Structure and Function)100
PN 104Human Growth and Development and Family20
PN 105Vocational Role and Function – Personal Communication: Interpersonal Relationships Skills15
PN 106Legal Aspects of Practice15
PN 107Nutrition15
PN 108Pharmacology and Administration of Medications80
PN 109Mental Health Concepts30
PN-CL 109Mental Health Concepts Clinical65
PN 110Community Health Concepts20
PN-CL 110Community Health Concepts – Public Health, Clinics, Public School System Clinical50
PN 111Geriatric Nursing30
PN-CL 111Geriatric nursing Clinical I57
PN 112Medical Nursing75
PN-CL 112Medical Nursing Clinical144
PN 113Surgical Nursing75
PN-CL 113Surgical Nursing Clinical144
PN 114Obstetric Nursing35
PN-CL 114Obstetric Nursing Clinical64
PN 115Pediatric Nursing35
PN-CL 115Pediatric Nursing Clinical64
Total Clock Hours1350
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In as little as 54 weeks, you can gain the knowledge, skills and training you need to start your nursing career. To learn more about the Practical Nursing program at our Palm Beach campus, contact an advisor today.