Learn More About the Data & Project Management Certificate Curriculum

Data and project management professionals are analyxing data on a computer

Our online Data & Project Management program helps you develop the skills to analyze and visualize data. Plus, you’ll learn how to manage projects effectively and how to carry out accounting and human resource activities.

Through Cambridge, you can obtain a certificate in less time than it takes to acquire an associate degree. Jumpstart your new career in data and project management with us.

Streamlined Curriculum for Efficient Online Learning

The Data & Project Management diploma program is offered completely online and includes 48 weeks of study. The program includes 12 courses and 720 clock hours. During this program, you’ll learn all the necessary topics that entry-level healthcare data professionals will be expected to understand:

  • Understanding, analyzing and wrangling data
  • Setting up database environments
  • Designing databases
  • Desktop and computer support functions
What Exams Does This Program Prepare You For?

The online Data & Project Management certificate program at Cambridge will prepare you for several critical IT-related exams:

  • CompTIA A+ Hardware and Software certification
  • Google IT Support Professional certification
  • Internet Webmaster Data Analyst certification
  • Project Management exam
  • Structured Query Language-Related exam
Why Choose Cambridge’s Online Data & Project Management Program?

Our Data & Project Management certification program attracts students for many reasons, including:

  • School/life balance: Our online program allows students to have a healthy school/life balance. You’ll have the ability to balance work, school and family simply with Cambridge.
  • Tech and healthcare-focused curriculum: Our curriculum is laser-focused, giving you the tech and healthcare-based knowledge required for success in entry-level healthcare IT positions.
  • Quick entry into the workforce: In just 48 weeks, you’ll be ready to enter the workforce. Plus, we offer job placement services to help you find the perfect position in area healthcare facilities.
Online Data & Project Management Certificate Courses
  • Introduction to Information Technology (IT) including Google IT Support Professional Certification Exam Preparation
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Computer Hardware Fundamentals including CompTIA A+ Exam Preparation
  • Computer Software Fundamentals including CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Preparation
  • Introduction to IT Project Management including CompTIA Project+ Certification Exam Preparation
  • Healthcare Business Accounting and Human Resources
  • Data Foundations and Applications
  • Healthcare Project Specialist
  • Introduction to Data Science, Analytics, Wrangling and Visualization
  • Internet Webmaster Data Analyst including Certified Internet Webmaster Data Analyst Exam Preparation
  • Business of IT & Project Management including Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Preparation
  • Healthcare Business and Data Analytics including Structured Query Language-Related Certification Exam Preparation
Learn More About the Data & Project Management Online Program

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