Who Can a Medical Assistant Work For?

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Qualified Medical Assistants Have Many Employment Options

Qualified medical assistants are among the most sought-after professionals in the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for qualified Medical Assistants are expected to grow 29 percent from 2016 to 2026. In that time, more than 140,000 new Medical Assistant jobs will become available to qualified candidates.

Contrary to popular belief, the demand for medical assistants reaches far outside physicians’ offices and clinics. While a large percentage of medical assistants do work in physicians’ offices, employment opportunities are available in a wide range of healthcare facilities and settings.

Outside of physicians’ offices, medical assistants are employed in:

  • Hospitals: Private and public hospitals often employ medical assistants to act as part of the larger care team. In hospitals, medical assistants often prepare patients for exams and treatments, take samples for testing and provide general care.
  • Outpatient care centers: Clinics and facilities that provide outpatient services, like the VA, employ many medical assistants. In outpatient care settings, medical assistants provide clinical and administrative support to assist patients and care team members.
  • Nursing homes: Many nursing homes maintain a staff of medical assistants to attend to the needs of elderly and rehab patients. In nursing homes, medical assistants often help to dispense medications, take and chart vital signs and provide general patient care.
  • Medical research facilities: Researchers focused on curing specific diseases or advancing medical knowledge rely on medical assistants to support their efforts. In medical research facilities, medical assistants often check in research participants, take and prepare samples for testing and assist in the administration of treatments or tests.
  • Colleges and universities: Larger colleges and universities often maintain medical treatment centers for their students, faculty and staff. In this setting, medical assistants perform a wide range of clinical and administrative duties, including scheduling appointments, charting patient histories and preparing patients for exams.

As medical technology changes and the population ages, additional employment scenarios for medical assistants are likely to emerge.

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