What Careers Come After Being a Medical Assistant in Miami?

What Careers Come After Being a Medical Assistant in Miami?

Medical assistants have a ton of potential when it comes to advancing their careers. Indeed, a job as a medical assistant puts you on a solid career path that opens up a full range of available job opportunities, from healthcare leadership to information management.

Plus, the medical assistant career is rapidly growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while most jobs have an average growth rate of 8%, the average growth rate for medical assistants is 18%. That means the BLS estimates that there will be 18% more medical assistant jobs available in the United States by 2030—much faster growth than average.

Health Information Management

Health Information Management (HIM) is a growing area of the medical field. More than ever before, medical records are kept digitally. These digital records must be managed, updated and revised to keep patient data accurate—and to keep patients safe.

Medical assistants are at an advantage in HIM careers because they understand patient care firsthand; they know how that care is documented in medical records. As a medical assistant, your experience can help you spot potential problems before they lead to medical errors. If you choose to focus on medical records, your experience will take you far.

Jobs in Healthcare Management for Medical Assistants

A good leader inspires their team to work hard and provide patients with excellent care. As a medical assistant, there are many opportunities to lead. If you like to inspire others, your career path could include being a lead medical assistant, clinical team leader, medical office manager or even a medical assistant instructor.

What does it take to advance into healthcare management as a medical assistant in Miami? You’ll need solid communication skills. You’ll also need to be well organized, respectful of others and have confidence in your abilities.

Nursing Jobs for Medical Assistants

A job as a medical assistant is a great way to help people, but becoming a registered nurse can further your career and allow you to provide care at the next level. Careers in nursing offer the potential to pursue a specialization in pediatrics, oncology or ambulatory care. 

You may see patients with complex needs in an RN position that truly challenges your critical thinking skills. Nursing positions are also highly stable and have increased earning potential.

You can get started by earning your Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in nursing, then passing the NCLEX-RN exam. You may be able to earn credit for previous coursework you completed, as well as professional healthcare experience as a medical assistant. This will help you make the transition to the next step in your career faster.

Take the Next Step in Your Career With Cambridge

As a medical assistant, you’re on the path to advancement. Whether you’re interested in leadership, specializing in a particular area of medicine or focusing on healthcare information, there are plenty of opportunities for you. 

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