What Can Medical Assistants Do and Not Do in Palm Beach?

What Skills Are Needed to be a Medical Assistant in Orlando?

Medical assistants are a critical part of any patient care team. During their day-to-day, they complete a wide range of tasks from giving injections to scheduling appointments. So what exactly do medical assistants do? And is there anything they can’t do? Keep reading to learn more about this unique and rewarding career.

What Do Medical Assistants Do?

A medical assistant performs both clinical and clerical tasks daily. For example, as an MA, you might schedule patient appointments and return patient phone calls. After that, you might help prepare patients for medical exams or surgical procedures. Other tasks may include:

  • Taking patient vitals and recording them in the patient record
  • Collecting a patient’s health history
  • Administering injections and immunizations
  • Drawing and preparing samples for lab tests
  • Filing insurance claims and communicating with patient insurance companies

Your specific duties will depend greatly on where you choose to work. For example, you may not perform the same duties in a hospital setting as you would in a doctor’s office or clinic.

What Do Medical Assistants Not Do?

Just as with any career, there are specific things that medical assistants can’t do, regardless of where they work. For example, a medical assistant can’t diagnose a patient. They also can’t determine a patient’s care plan or decide what the necessary treatment is to resolve the diagnosis.

A medical assistant is also prohibited from prescribing medications or interpreting the results from x-rays, ultrasounds or lab tests. These tasks are specifically completed by a medical doctor as they require specific knowledge.

How to Become a Medical Assistant in Palm Beach

A career as a medical assistant is a rewarding one. And if it sounds like a great fit for you, you’ll need to attend an accredited Medical Assistant program, such as the one offered here at Cambridge. You should then sit for a certification exam such as the RMA, CMA or NCCT. After that, you’ll be ready for entry into the field.

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