Choosing the Right Resources for your Educational Success

There are so many things that help a student grow and flourish during their education; teachers, books, and classmates alike are all unique tools that continue to shape and mold into resourceful outlets to help students succeed. But out of so many options, it’s a difficult road trying out every resource and seeing which ones are actually worth it and which ones are not. A school dedicated to making their student’s road through their career… Read More

Real Talk: Leveraging Social Media in the Field

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In today’s bustling world of 4G, iPhones, and tablets, interacting with social media is a common custom. Although it’s easily accessible, we sometimes find ourselves with a lack of time (and patience) on going through each and every one of our social media venues. From this we sometimes waste more time cruising through nonsense Facebook statuses and liking silly Instagram posts than delving into the juicy stuff about advances with the latest technology or career… Read More

Why a Diagnostic Medical Sonography Degree Might Be Right for You

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – also known as Ultrasound Technician s- play a big role for patients by using specialized equipment to examine many different parts of the body. While looking at parts of the body like the abdomen, heart and blood vessels they can detect heart disease, heart attacks, and other vascular diseases. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers typically: Perform Diagnostic Procedures Understand Diagnostic Images Analyze technical information Provide technical findings to the doctor And much more!… Read More

Delray’s New Fast Track Programs

Cambridge Institute Radiation Therapy Training

Looking to get a top healthcare job with the least amount of training? Well here at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology, our newest programs might be right for you! The Delray Beach Campus now features three new programs for students: -Patient Care Technician -Electronic Medical Records Management -Advanced Medical Assistant- Imaging Specialist What is so special about these new programs? All these programs only take 54 weeks or less of training! We know that you… Read More

Back Up Your Work

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Do you forget to save your schoolwork??? Do find yourself misplacing or losing your USB drive at home or at school??? Did you know that Cambridge provides 30GB of free storage for students??? Your Cambridge email is a Google account, which has a feature called Google Drive.   Google Drive allows a student to store all of your work for free and access it anywhere.  To access this feature, once you log in to your Cambridge… Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Brian Dillmon, DMS Program Director

Brian Dillmon has recently joined Cambridge Institute – Atlanta Campus as the Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Program Director.  Originally from Indiana and a former Ball State University graduate, Brian previously held the DMS Program Director position at Sanford-Brown College in Atlanta for several years.  His sonography background is in both Abdomen and Vascular where he held several positions throughout his career in ultrasonography.  Brian will be working on a degree level change for the Atlanta… Read More

Atlanta Career Services

About Atlanta Career Services Atlanta Career Services With most programs lasting under a year, it’s never too early for a visit to the Career services office. Here you’ll receive helpful one-on-one coaching and preparation from an experienced human resource professional. Our advisor offers insight on employers, giving you the edge and allowing you to make a lasting impression. Cambridge career services advisor prepares you to position yourself strategically for the healthcare job search. I can help… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Andrea Mitchell, Career Services Director

Meet Andrea Mitchell, Career Services Director at the Altamonte Springs, FL (Orlando) campus. Can you tell us about your background and what motivated you to come to Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology? I received a Bachelor Degree in Business and Marketing from Wilmington College, Ohio.  I worked in the temporary staffing arena all through college and up to 2009.  In 2009, I was recruited by Everest University as a Director of Career Services… Read More

Making a Difference: The Atlanta Radiation Therapy Program

The Atlanta – Radiation Therapy Program Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology Atlanta Radiation Therapy Program has grown in the last few years. Initially the program offered a 20 month certificate but has now advanced educational opportunities offering an Associates of Science Degree in Radiation Therapy. This program will take only 24 months to complete and upon completion the student will be registry eligible with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The program… Read More