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Former Military Leaders Succeeding with Cambridge

Former Military Leaders Succeeding with Cambridge

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology thrives on having strong former military leaders within our leadership team. They are so focused on each student’s personal success and how we can develop them into competent healthcare professionals. We believe their military training greatly assists with the discipline needed in one’s professional and personal life. At Cambridge’s Orlando campus, we have two of the best. Sheree Ford is former Army and Ron Quiles is a former Marine…. Read More

LPN Programs Near Me in the Orlando, Florida, Area

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Cambridge Institute of Allied Health offers leading nursing programs from our Orlando, Florida, campus. In Orlando, we’re helping students gain the knowledge and training they need to prepare for successful careers in practical nursing through our LPN program.  What to Expect From LPN Programs in Orlando The LPN or Licensed Practical Nursing program through Cambridge in Orlando gives you the knowledge and hands-on training you need for a career as a practical nurse. The program… Read More

How Long Is LPN School and Is It Hard?

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An LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse career is a great choice for students looking to enter the medical field. LPNs assist other medical professionals such as doctors as they perform necessary medical responsibilities in various facilities. From basic nursing care to educating patients on their diagnosis, an LPN is an integral part of any medical team. Is LPN School Hard? It’s important that you’re able to give patients the best care available. Because of this… Read More

How to Get Into Medical Imaging

How to Get Into Medical Imaging

A career in medical imaging is rewarding and relatively quick to obtain. From ultrasound to x-ray the options are plentiful for students interested in this career path. But, how do you get started? Choose Your Medical Imaging Career  The first step in entering a career in medical imaging is deciding which route to take. There are various types of medical imaging including: X-ray CT or computed tomography scan MRI or magnetic resonance imaging Ultrasound Nuclear… Read More

Cambridge Career Services Holds Lunch and Learn Seminar with Advent Health

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On February 20, 2019 Career Services held our 2nd Lunch and Learn Seminar. This evening we held “Dinner & Learn” for our evening & day Phlebotomy students. We had Marlin Simmons, Senior Recruiter from Advent Health present to speak with our students regarding opportunities to work at Advent Health, formally Florida Hospital. He spoke with the students regarding positions they recruit for such as Laboratory Assistant I, Laboratory II, and Laboratory Lead and how students… Read More

What Is ARRT Certification and How Do I Get It?

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As radiologic technology careers continue to grow and the need for technicians follows suit, the applicant pool will become challenging. As a newly graduated or student sonographer, you should find a way to set yourself apart from your competition. ARRT certification is a great addition to your resume and career. Everything You Need to Know About the ARRT The ARRT or the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists is a credentialing organization recognizing qualified individuals in… Read More

What Is the Process of Becoming an X-Ray Technician?

Across the U.S., medical careers are growing quickly, creating demand for individuals to fill open positions in healthcare facilities. One of these areas, radiologic technology, is one of the fastest growing careers available. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job outlook will continue to grow at 13% between 2016 and 2026, much faster than the norm. What Does an X-Ray Technician Do? X-ray technicians aid physicians and other medical personnel in patient care. They… Read More

What Is an Ultrasound Technician and What Do They Do?

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Careers in the medical field are in high demand within the United States. In fact, the healthcare industry is the largest employer across the country. Not all medical careers involve nursing or becoming a doctor. In fact, some careers that are integral to patient health involve a short educational time commitment, perfect for those looking for a quick start. One of the fastest growing medical careers is the diagnostic ultrasound technician. According to U.S. News,… Read More

What School Do You Need to Become an Ultrasound Technician?

Ultrasound technicians use specialized equipment to examine parts of the human body, including the abdomen, breast, thyroid, heart and more. They work alongside doctors and other medical professionals to help diagnose diseases and other health conditions through precise imaging. Employment opportunities for ultrasound technicians are growing across the U.S. and within the state of Florida. With a promising outlook for the future, a great salary and the ability to help others, choosing a diagnostic ultrasound… Read More

Gallup Poll Highlights the Value of Career and Vocational Education like Cambridge College

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“To better understand the value of and satisfaction with career and vocational education, Gallup worked with Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) to survey a representative sample of its member schools’ alumni about satisfaction with their education. The results are based on the responses of 3,203 recent CECU alumni conducted in the fall of 2018. Gallup compared these outcomes to a nationally representative sample of associate degree holders to evaluate outcomes of career education and… Read More