Cambridge College’s Orlando Career Services and US Medical Seminars Holds Another Successful Lunch and Learn Seminar

Florida Nursing Seminar

Cambridge College’s Orlando Career Services and US Medical Seminars held another successful Lunch and Learn Seminar on Tuesday, March 26th for both our Day and Evening students and had a full house! We had over 60 students attend from the Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, and Practical Nursing students –including 14 of new evening students that just started Monday night!   Lunch and Dinner were served courtesy of our guest speaker – Dr. Eduardo Sante from US Medical Seminars. 

Dr. Ed as he likes to be called, gave a very engaging, interactive, fun and clear, informative, presentation to our students. US Medical Seminars   mission is “to conduct preventative medicine seminars that inspire and motivate spectators to understand the benefits of prevention in contrast to those of treatment based medicine”.   He covered topics such as Center for Disease Control, Prevention of STD’s, Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol, Cancer and Preventative Medicine as well as silent diseases.  The knowledge of practicing preventative medicine through the acquisition of health knowledge and information and how as Health Care Professionals our students can make a difference and help to save lives!

The students left with smiles on their face, and inspired and motivated to keep learning and growing! We received many compliments from our students on the presentation and thank US Medical Seminars for their time!