Training to Become a Patient Care Technician

Patient care technician is with a patient

What Training Do You Need to Become a Patient Care Tech?

A patient care technician (PCT) is responsible for supporting doctors and nurses in patient care. As a PCT, your day may include monitoring patient conditions, serving meals, delivering emotional support and performing basic medical procedures.

Due to the PCT’s importance in the medical field, many hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics are hiring them fast. If you wish to become a critical part of the medical field, becoming a PCT might be a great next step. What are the requirements?

What Training Is Required to Become a PCT?

Your first step is to obtain your high school diploma. Next, you’ll need to attend an accredited college or university and obtain your Patient Care Technician Certification. This ensures you have the knowledge necessary to be successful in the field.

During our 36-week program, you’ll need to attend clinicals to help you further your skills in a real-world environment. This means visiting local healthcare facilities to work as a PCT under the supervision of your instructor.

PCT Certification

Once you complete the requirements of your program and graduate, you’ll then be eligible to take the Patient Care Technician exam, offered through the NHA. Although some employers don’t require this for employment, it’s a great way to show your skills.

You’ll also be eligible to obtain additional certifications such as Certified Phlebotomy Technician and Certified Nursing Assistant. With certifications in hand, you’re ready to enter the field.

What You Can Expect From a PCT Program

During your program, you can expect to dive deep into the human body and how healthcare works. To start, you’ll experience a wide variety of study topics, including:

  • Home health
  • Phlebotomy
  • Patient care basics
  • Nursing basics
  • Anatomy
  • Electrocardiography

You’ll learn how to care for patients, chart vitals, perform venipunctures, use medical equipment and even how to communicate with patients. Our goal is to ensure you’re confident in your abilities after graduation.

Our PCT program takes approximately 36 weeks to complete from start to finish. That means you will be well on your way to a successful career in under a year. You’ll also have access to our experienced instructors, comfortable learning facilities and plenty of support along the way.

Become a Patient Care Technician With Cambridge

Cambridge College is proud to offer an in-depth Patient Care Technician program to students ready to enter the field. To learn more about our program or to apply today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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