Can You Get a Bachelor’s Degree Online

Can You Get a Bachelor’s Degree Online?

Gone are the days when telling someone you were taking online classes would draw skeptical looks from your family and unwanted questions from potential employers. Today, online education has been embraced by students and the business world alike, as advances in technology have transformed the way we all live and work.

Yes, getting your Bachelor’s degree online is possible. In fact, it’s much more than possible. It’s often preferable, thanks to the flexibility online programs offer. Students can learn while still living their normal lives, whether that means parenting, working, or handling any of the other responsibilities of day-to-day life.

Cambridge Offers Multiple Online Bachelor’s Degrees

At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, we are proud to offer 100% online Bachelor’s degree programs in these areas of study:

  • Computer Networking: The Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking blends technical courses with real-world “soft skills” like communication and leadership. This 75-week program prepares graduates to excel in a wide variety of jobs
  • Cyber and Network Security: Position yourself as a well-rounded job candidate by earning a Bachelor of Science in Cyber and Network Security. This 75-week program opens doors to careers as an information security analyst, cryptographer, security engineer and much more.
  • Data Management and Analytics: In a world dominated by data, businesses need skilled employees who can analyze data, design databases, and help them make sense of rivers of information. The online Bachelor’s degree in data management and analytics gives you the credential to break into this growing field.
  • Health Information Management: Gathering and managing patient information are crucial to all healthcare organizations. A Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management proves you have the skills to create and analyze health records, maintain records integrity, code medical diagnoses and more.
  • Project Management: Effective project management requires leadership and technical skills. The online Bachelor of Science in Project Management program delivers. You’ll learn IT terminology, KPI development, risk analysis and so much more.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees Open Doors

By some estimates, between 75 and 80% of healthcare and general information technology job postings either require or prefer candidates with a Bachelor’s degree. Online degrees are just as respected as degrees from traditional brick-and-mortar universities and can make those desirable jobs available to you. 

Ready to Pursue Your Bachelor’s Degree Online?

Equip yourself with the educational tools needed to get the job you’re dreaming of. It all starts by earning a Bachelor’s degree online at Cambridge. Call 877-206-4279 or send us a message to speak with an advisor today.

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