Is It Better to Become an LPN Before an RN

For students ready to embark on a career in nursing, a common question often arises: should you pursue your LPN first or go forward towards your RN?

The Benefits of Becoming an LPN First

An LPN program or Licensed Practical Nurse program typically involves only a year of study. There are benefits to receiving your LPN credentials before moving forward including:

  • Quick entrance into the workforce: A practical nursing program takes approximately half the time that a complete RN program does. This means you can enter the workforce quickly, building experience in the field early in your career.
  • Employment while furthering your education: If you’re considering moving towards an RN career, you can still become an LPN first, working while you further your education. Most programs allow you to take advantage of online courses as well as night classes to help you balance work and your education.
  • Finding a career without field experience: LPNs are commonly hired without field experience. This means you can enter the nursing field as soon as you complete your education and pass your certification exam.

Enhance Your Career by Receiving Registered Nurse Credentials

An RN program or Registered Nurse program typically takes two years of study compared to the one year it takes to become an LPN. Yet, as an RN or Registered Nurse, you have many additional benefits such as:

  • Higher salary: According to Glassdoor, RNs have an average yearly salary of $69,270, but ranges between $47,000 and $91,000. LPNs have an average salary of $43,492, with a range of $34,000 to $56,000.
  • Career flexibility: RNs have the ability to work in a wide range of settings from hospitals and doctor’s clinics to specialty facilities. Plus, their working hours are flexible.

Both careers are the perfect choice for students ready to have a direct impact on patient care. You must decide what makes the most sense for you based on your career goals. Do you need financial stability quickly? You might choose to work as an LPN while pursuing your RN credentials. Do you wish to work in a certain specialty? You might choose to go ahead and complete the RN program.

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