Radiologic Technologist Orlando Curriculum

Radiologic Technologist Training of Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology

The Radiologic Technologist Training Program at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is a two-year program designed to prepare students for successful careers in the radiology field. The curriculum offers students the knowledge and skills needed to pursue entry-level work as Radiologic Technologists. 

Each course in the program has been carefully designed to adhere to the guidelines of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

The program covers a wide range of subject matter, including:

  • English 
  • Algebra
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Health science
  • Medical terminology
  • Psychology
  • Radiologic science
  • Image production
  • Radiographic physics

In addition to providing a diverse knowledge base, the Radiologic Technologist Training Program also prepares students to sit for and pass the certification examinations needed to pursue careers in the field. 

Learn in the Classroom, Online & in the Field

Throughout the Radiologic Technologist Training Program, students are offered a number of learning opportunities, including:

  • Classroom instruction: Throughout the program, classroom instruction is provided by highly-qualified medical professionals with experience in the radiology field. By learning from people who know the field first-hand, students are better prepared for the transition from classroom to career. 
  • Online coursework: Several of the program’s courses are offered via online distance learning. The break from the classroom allows students to continue earning credits while also balancing work, family and personal life. 
  • Hands-on training: Our technology training labs offer students hands-on access to the industry current radiology equipment. During the program, students train and learn using the equipment they will use throughout their careers. 
  • Externships: Cambridge maintains an externship partnership with many of the Orlando area’s leading medical facilities. During the mandatory externships, students are exposed to real-world radiology environments, challenges and procedures. The experience and networking relationships gained during these externships is crucial to future career success.
Radiologic Technology Program Goals

Goal 1: Demonstrate clinical competence in the care of patients.

  • Students will apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, positioning and radiographic techniques to accurately demonstrate anatomical structures on image receptors.
  • Students will deliver appropriate patient care while maintaining a safe environment according to OSHA and ALARA principles.

Goal 2: Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Students will evaluate radiographic images for appropriate positioning and image quality.
  • Students will manipulate technical factors for non-routine exams.

Goal 3: Model professional and ethical behavior as a member of the healthcare team.

  • Students will maintain ethical and professional values.
  • Students will attend a society meeting.

Goal 4: Demonstrate written and oral communication skills within the healthcare setting.

  • Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredits
ENC 1101English Composition3
SPC 1016Fundamentals of Speech3
BSC 1085Anatomy & Physiology3
BSC 1085 LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab1
BSC 1086Anatomy & Physiology II3
BSC 1086LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab1
HSC 1000Introduction to Health Science3
MAC 1105College Algebra3
MEA 1239Medical Terminology2
CTS 1050Introduction to Computers3
PSY 1012Introduction to Psychology3
RTE 1201Introduction to Radiologic Sciences3
RTE 1025Principles of Image Production I2
RTE 1026Principles of Image Production II2
RTE 2025Cross Sectional Anatomy/Advanced Modalities3
RTE 1030Radiographic Physics4
RTE 1270AClinical Externship I A5
RTE 1280AClinical Externship II A5
RTE 2005AClinical Externship III A8
RTE 2010AClinical Externship IV A8
RTE 2020AClinical Externship V A8
RTE 1206Radiographic Procedures V2
RTE 1206LRadiographic Procedures Lab V1
RTE 1202Radiographic ProceduresI3
RTE 1202LRadiographic Procedures Lab I1
RTE 1203Radiographic Procedures II3
RTE 1203LRadiographic Procedures Lab II1
RTE 1205Radiographic Procedures IV2
RTE 1205LRadiographic Procedures Lab IV1
RTE 1204Radiographic Procedures III2
RTE 1204LRadiographic Procedures Lab III1
RTE 2500Senior Registry Review3
RTE 2015Radiographic Biology & Protection3
Total Credits99
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