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8 Reasons to Start A Career in Medical Billing and Coding

Did you know that working with data can save lives? As a medical billing and coding specialist, you’re a liaison between patient information and insurance companies, and an essential part of the healthcare team. Let’s learn all the reasons why you should consider this rewarding career field.

1. Training Is Fast

Training programs for this career are only a year and can be completed online. Obtain a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding in under nine months, or take a little longer and complete the program at your own pace.

2. Increasing Job Demand and Stability

As a billing and coding specialist, you’ll be in demand by healthcare organizations across the country. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a growth of 9% in medical billing and coding jobs and over 34,000 job openings each year between now and 2030. The position also offers a stable income, with the average salary in 2020 being $45,240. 

3. Flexible Work Environment

You can work from anywhere as a medical billing and coding specialist. This profession is needed throughout the US in various healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals. Many positions provide part-time and full-time employment, meaning you can enjoy flexibility with your work schedule.

4. Career Advancement

Once you start in the field, there are opportunities for advancement in the healthcare industry. You’ll never stop developing new skills. Plus, you’ll discover many learning opportunities to advance your credentials. Higher-paying administrative and management positions are available as your experience continues to grow. 

5. Contribute to Patient Care

Medical billing and coding specialists are essential to patient care and can even save lives. When you catch coding and billing errors, you ensure patients receive the correct treatment and proper insurance coverage in a timely manner. 

6. Depend on a Reliable Schedule

Many healthcare careers require you to work weekends and holidays, but that is not the case as a billing and coding specialist. You’ll enjoy a solidified schedule that doesn’t require you to be on call.

7. Dress for Comfort

Whether you work from home or in a clinic, you can dress comfortably. Many coding and billing specialists wear scrubs and supportive sneakers in the workplace, and you can enjoy a comfortable dress code when you work remotely.

8. Increase Your Salary

Besides being promoted to an administrative position, you can increase your salary with additional certifications. According to the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), certified specialists earn 27% more than non-certified specialists. Explore their list of coding and billing certifications you can acquire. 

Earn Your Medical & Coding Diploma at Cambridge

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