Health Information Technology Degree

What Can I Do with a Health Information Technology Degree?

Health information technologists are responsible for capturing and entering patient health information into electronic medical records (EMRs). And, depending on their chosen career path, information technologists’ day-to-day duties will vary.

Health Information Technologists Work in Many Unique Settings

Health IT technologists work in many unique settings such as hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices and healthcare data centers. 

Medical Records Technician

Medical records technicians record patient health information into electronic records. The information includes existing health conditions, medical history, treatments, procedures and symptoms, among others. The technician may also process critical forms such as referrals and send documentation to insurance companies.

Cancer Registrar

Cancer registrars are responsible for collecting and reporting cancer statistics. This includes gathering a patient’s medical history and treatment plan. Once collected, the information helps healthcare professionals and researchers improve cancer screening and treatment programs. Cancer registrars work inside hospitals, clinics and other health organizations such as cancer registries.

Medical Coding Specialist

Each procedure a patient undergoes and every diagnosis a patient receives must be recorded accurately for insurance reimbursement. Medical coding specialists are responsible for doing just that via ICD-10 and CPT/HCPCS coding.

Future Growth Opportunities for Health Information Technologists

These opportunities are just the beginning for health IT program graduates. As you gain experience and obtain certifications, you’ll have the opportunity to enter into management positions such as:

  • Health IT Instructor
  • Coding Auditor Supervisor
  • Supervisory Medical Records Administrator
  • Director of Health Information Management

How to Become a Health Information Technologist

If you wish to take advantage of any of these career opportunities, you’ll first need to obtain a high school diploma. You’ll then need to attend an accredited health IT program, such as the Health Information Technology program offered through Cambridge. 

Once you complete your program, you’ll be able to seek certification through the American Health Information Management Association. Once certified, you’ll be ready to enter the field.

Learn More About Our Health Information Technology Program

At Cambridge, we’re dedicated to providing students the education they need to build successful careers in health information technology. Our 75-week Health Information Technology program is available completely online for perfect work/life balance. Plus, we offer job placement services to help you land the career of your dreams. 

To learn more or to apply for our program today, give us a call at 877-206-4279.

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