Cyber Security Classes

What Classes Do You Take for Cyber Security?

What Classes are for Cyber Security?

To protect their critical network infrastructures, many organizations are looking for qualified cyber security professionals for their teams. If this is a field you’re considering, you must know what to expect from any cyber security program you sign up for. 

Cyber Security Classes for Each Unique Program

The classes you take to achieve a degree in cyber security will depend on the degree program you choose. For example, while a certification program covers the basics, a Bachelor’s degree program is a deep dive into cyber security.

Cyber & Network Security Certificate

During a certification program, you’ll get a deep overview of cyber security principles and concepts. For example, you’ll take basic cyber security classes, including Introduction to Information Technology, Computer Hardware Fundamentals and Fundamentals of Information Security in Healthcare.

Associate of Science in Cyber & Network Security

An Associate’s degree program will include approximately two years’ worth of study. During this program, you’ll need to take cyber security-specific courses such as the ones mentioned above and Digital Forensics, Network and Security Foundations and more.

You’ll also take general education courses to round out your skills, including English Composition, College Algebra, Fundamentals of Speech and others.

Bachelor of Science in Cyber & Network Security

Finally, after obtaining your Associate’s degree, you’ll be eligible to obtain your Bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor’s program is our deepest dive into cyber security yet. Not only will you learn the basics through the classes mentioned above, but you’ll also take courses such as:

  • Scripting and Programming Foundations
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Managing Cloud Security
  • Ethics in Technology
  • Web Development Foundations and Applications

Are Cyber Security Classes Hard?

Cyber security requires the knowledge of technical concepts. For example, you’ll need to know how to prevent and detect cyberattacks. This means the classes you’ll take will be technical in nature, which can be a challenge at times.

At Cambridge, we do what it takes to support you through your chosen program. From study assistance to tutoring, we have the tools available to help you through even the most challenging of cyber security classes.

Start Your Career in Cyber and Network Security Classes With Cambridge

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