Yveline Joseph

Cambridge Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Review

My journey with Cambridge College started in May 2016 in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. I started most of my classes online and one day a week on campus. I started my core classes since January of this year and I have to say I was nervous at the beginning, but it has been incredible so far. Thanks to my two amazing teachers and my wonderful program director and my awesome classmates for helping me and pushing me to be the best. When I started my core classes it was a challenge for me because there was so much information that was given to us, and most of it was new to me. There were times when I wanted to give up but, thanks to my teachers who not only deliver the material very well but I also had the right tools and anything I needed so that I can understand it, and most importantly they had patience and did not give up on me and any of my classmates. They believe in us so much and that’s what gave me the strength and what motivated me to continue pushing, because I do not want to let them down. I couldn’t ask for a better school, better teachers, better classmates, and better program director. From the front desk, to admission counselors, to financial aid, to the librarian, to the teachers, to the program director, to the academic dean, everyone is just amazing. The school is great. I love my school and most importantly I love the field that I am in. #DMSROCKS

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology's Diagnostic Medical Sonography training provides comprehensive medical knowledge and diagnostic imaging skills, as well as the opportunity to gain experience through clinical rotations with prestigious medical facilities.

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