Patricia Connolly

Female Radiation therapy student testimonial

I am a mom, grandmother and most recently, a student at Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology in Delray Beach Florida. I decided to pursue a degree in Radiation Therapy after going through this type of treatment myself, in my 30’s. I found the career path interesting, fulfilling and meaningful. I researched many other programs in other states, but none quite like the one I found at Cambridge College. Cambridge was willing to evaluate my previous credits and apply them to my schooling in their program. I find the staff extremely willing to help all the students succeed. The professors are all very approachable and the administrative staff is always available to answer questions on financial aid, uniforms, clinicals, and more. I was impressed that they had such an organized program to follow, making it easy to graduate in the advertised 2 years for an Associates Degree. The class sizes are very manageable and even through COVID restrictions, the school has seamlessly helped us continue our classes without the students feeling lost with online classrooms. I would recommend Cambridge College to all walks of life, whether you have just graduated high school, or are returning to school after many decades in the workforce. Cambridge College fits many schedules and the abbreviated semesters make it easy to graduate on time and find a career with your degree in whatever state you reside. I am glad I found their program to help me have a second career option at this point in my life. It is never too late to go back to school and have your dream career.

Radiation Therapy

You can be fully trained to work in a healthcare facility as a professional Radiation Therapist. Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology trains students with the knowledge and clinical skills they need to become competent, entry-level radiation therapists upon graduation and to pass the ARRT Registry Examination. This program allows students to earn an associates degree in two years!

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