Jaylin Laracuente

Practical Nursing Degree

I have had many struggles along the way to getting where I am today and continue to struggle daily. But I’m blessed to wake up daily with all the stress and struggles amongst those who aren’t able to. One of my struggles was finally passing the entrance exam to get into nursing school after taking different tests and trying different schools for the past three years. Losing my father a year ago, who was a big part of my support system is a daily struggle for me. Attending school full time while trying to maintain monthly bills and expenses while hours of work are limited due to studying. Learning to process and retain new information given daily is one of my biggest struggles. But through this all I still remain humble and grateful for this opportunity that many don’t get. I’m beyond blessed. Having Mrs. Burk as an instructor makes my daily stress and struggles so much better there are days I want to cry quit, give up on everything and she’s there for not only me but the entire class. She has definitely made an impact on my life and I’m forever grateful.

Ps. Thank you for all that you do and have done making it so that students like myself are able to attend school with not the best background it’s so appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.

Practical Nursing

With a practical nurse training program, you will be fully prepared to work in a healthcare facility as a professional Practical Nurse. Cambridge trains students with the knowledge and clinical skills to enter the Practical Nursing field. Students are fully prepared to take and pass the NCLEX-PN examination, which is required for employment as an entry-level Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Enrollment for this healthcare program is limited.

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