Eric Abbott

I want to thank the entire staff at Cambridge, I felt like I passed my prime age, wasted it by working for a good company, but not getting the brain food I so hungrily wanted. Mrs. Alana Washington! You are an incredible instructor and helped me understand the material in a way that I was able to process even while I was sleeping at home. You always were, and I know still are devoted to helping your students, teaching me to deal with things in a way less dismissive way. You challenged me mentally, through my good and bad days, but not once did you ever stop caring. I always felt you were there to explain something I did not quite understand relating to health in class. You were also there for me when I was frustrated and tired from working long night hours and helped to encourage me, little did I know that you were helping me develop my own professionalism and work ethic at the same time. I have to give you a huge shout out because MRS. WASHINGTON, I now have a very promising career and feel confident about my abilities I learned from what you taught us. This comment does not even do justice to how great you are as a medical mind, mother, teacher, and was someone I could count on to tell me straightforward how something was without candy coating it. I felt like I was running in circles in my life, until I started here at Cambridge.

Kristie, you guys also made it great and helped me make up time that I needed but never gave me a sour look or judged me for missing part of a day because I kept hitting snooze… Everyone at this school was extremely nice and professional to me, where at many places and colleges I attended elsewhere looked at me and immediately formed a negative opinion. You guys genuinely care.
Monica, thank you for making it possible that I was able to get into the Medical Assistant program and reassuring me that it would be a walk in the park as long as I focused and gave it my all.

Theresa and Merby, you guys did not give up on me! You guys stayed faithful checking in even when I was procrastinating quite a bit because after doing my externship and having to go straight to my night time job for 8 weeks straight I was worn out, but you guys were PERSISTENT, and thank God for that because I would have gotten lost in the world of relaxing and taken no responsibility. You both were there finding new job leads, and encouraging me to apply “over there,” and “over here” and “I sent your resume to sooooo many different places. I feel truly honored that you guys would dedicate yourselves to other students but someone like me who thought I was getting too old? Yeah right!

All of you at Cambridge helped me realize my potential, my intelligence, my capabilities, and so much more I was able to find my true self within. This curriculum works if you work it! I had a top of the line experience with all of you all including my classmates! I believe in myself something, I hadn’t in years because I became complacent. It’s never too late though! I will be starting with Life Line Screening on April 9th, and hopefully when I establish myself a little more financially, I am coming back to do the ASN program that you offer. It has been a true blessing working alongside all of you, and you guys helped me find myself again. I will become an MD one day and we can all look back at this, but above all, I am SO GLAD I CHOSE THIS SCHOOL!! You guys know what you’re doing, keep it up! Thanks again, for giving me a chance for me to discover that I was capable of a future as well as deserving of a good one too. Thank you again sooo much!!

Medical Assistant

At Cambridge you’ll be trained to perform clinical procedures that include: medication administration, injections, EKGs, assisting with minor surgical procedures, phlebotomy and lab procedures, ensuring image quality, and operating imaging equipment in a physician’s office, outpatient medical facility and other related healthcare settings. These classes at Cambridge are unsurpassed in terms of personal attention and student preparation.

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