Learn More About Becoming a Nursing Assistant in Miami With Cambridge

The nursing field is vast with certified nursing assistants being a critical part of patient care. So critical, that many hospitals and medical facilities around Miami are constantly looking for new CNAs to add to their teams. 

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology offers an in-depth Nursing Assistant program for students interested in entering the nursing field. From hands-on training to the flexibility required for school/life balance, we offer everything you need to be confident in your career.

It Only Takes Five Weeks to Start Your Nursing Assistant Career

Our Nursing Assistant program is fast-paced and only takes a couple of months to complete from start to finish. Once you complete the program, you’ll receive your diploma and be prepared to take the Florida Nursing Assistant certification exam. 

After passing the exam, you’ll be able to enter the medical field as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a wide range of facilities such as hospitals, clinics and more.

Why Should You Choose Cambridge’s Miami Campus?

Cambridge’s Miami campus is the perfect place to focus on your studies to ensure you’re successful in your career. Just like everything in Miami, our campus is comfortable and sunny with many unique benefits, including:

  • In-depth classroom instruction: During your program, you’ll learn how to administer medication, check vital signs, communicate with doctors, provide ongoing care and so much more through Cambridge’s in-depth classroom instruction. Plus, our Miami instructors have real-world experience to help you understand the concepts required for career success.
  • Industry current technology and medical equipment: Nursing requires a working knowledge of medical equipment. On our Miami campus, you’ll have access to the same industry current technology and medical equipment you’ll use in real-life nursing scenarios.
  • Easy access: Our Miami-area campus is located centrally on Park Centre Boulevard, making it easy to reach for commuters from across Miami and beyond. Plus, there’s plenty of parking and access to public transportation.
  • Clinical externships: We partner with various medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics throughout the Miami area to offer clinical externships. Through these programs, you get to work through real-life medical scenarios to strengthen your medical education.

Start Your Nursing Career With the Help of Cambridge

Entering the nursing field has never been easier. Through Cambridge, you can start your nursing career as a Nursing Assistant in only five weeks. To learn more about our nursing program or to speak with an advisor, give us a call today at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.